US site reveals the secret documents to prove parking Obama behind terrorism in Syria

US site reveals the secret documents to prove parking Obama behind terrorism in Syria

04/11/2015 16:09 GMT

US site reveals the secret documents to prove parking Obama behind terrorism in SyriaFollow-up – and babysit – detection site “Lakes Of logic” the US for secret documents US intelligence for US President Barack Obama’s administration was aware since August 2012 that al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups were on their way to join the insurgency in Syria and that there is the possibility of the establishment of the Emirate of Salafi in the east of Syria to cut off the Syrian regime for the Shiites in Iraq and Iran.
He added that the report “As a result, the Daash will announce the so-called Islamic state through its union with terrorist groups in Iraq and Syria.

“The detail found in the reports of the CIA and the Defense Intelligence Agency after the issuance of an order from the US Court a week ago where already These reports were submitted to the US National Security Council headed by Obama, which regularly gets to see the service group confidentiality in the White House.

The report indicated that “one of the shocking contents of the confidential documents which reveal that Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize was actually the instigators of terrorism and how the parties to the Western part of the international terrorism and strengthen especially Daash deliberately.”

He pointed out that “this document can claim the right of” Watergate terrorism “has Obama and the West had known since early in the sides fighting in Syria and how this policy has created a lot of terrorist threats in the world, understand in their time talking about democracy and human Rights and other lies were also actively support and there are terrorist groups. ”

The document No. 14-L-0552 / DIA / 290, dated the twelfth of August 2012 and issued by the Defense Intelligence Office in its analysis to the following:

The situation in Syria: the events taking place towards sectarian clear, Vasalafih and the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda in Iraq are the main driving forces of the insurgency in Syria At a time when Gulf and Western countries and Turkey supports the so-called opposition, Russia, China and Iran are supporting the regime in Syria.

She said the Defense Intelligence document saying that al-Qaeda in Iraq and the Syrian opposition support since the beginning intellectually and through the media and conducted a number of units of the Free Syrian Army military operations under the name of victory army.

Continued analysis by saying that “the future assumptions to the crisis point to the survival of the Syrian regime and the continued control of the Syrian territory in a war evolve acting with the support of Russia, China and Iran While the system controls the areas influence along the coast of Tartous to Latakia, the so-called opposition is trying to control forces on the eastern areas such as Al-Hasakah, Deir al-Zour Almtakhmat to the Iraqi provinces of Anbar and Mosul as well as to the Turkish border so the Western countries and the Gulf States supports these efforts. ”

The report added that “these things have implications for Iraq if reveal the position for the emirate of Salafi in eastern Syria, which creates an atmosphere ideal for a base in Iraq to return to the old pockets in Anbar and Mosul and provides a renewed impetus under the assumption uniting the efforts of what is called a holy war between the Sunnis in Iraq and Syria It could also Daash announcement of the so-called Islamic state through its union with the other terrorist organizations in Iraq, Syria and facilitate terrorist elements from all over the world flow into Iraqi territory.