US official: the United States to abandon support for Baghdad and the Kurds

US official: the United States to abandon support for Baghdad and the Kurds

Thursday 1 October 2015 | 05:34 evening

US official - the United States to abandon support for Baghdad and the KurdsBAGHDAD / after the media and political uproar sparked by the coalition that brought together all of Russia, Iraq, Syria, Iran and resulted in the command center and the exchange of information known as the “center of Baghdad”, increasing US concern over the expansion of Russian influence in the region Middle East, especially after the creation of Russia’s first military base her giant air in the Syrian Latakia region.

In this context the media this concern translated into recommendations was the most prominent of his peace-building and Human Rights Program at the US Columbia University and who served as a consultant Ministry of Foreign Affairs, “David Phelps” through an article published in the network, “CNBC” site and translated “appointed Iraq News Director “, which expressed that Baghdad favor other parties to its alliance with the United States account, they tend to Russian and Iranian influence over the links collected by the United States, stressing the need for the United States to take a firm stand by the actions of Baghdad.

He said Phelps through text that Baghdad had given a deaf ear to US objections to ignore Russian military planes bound for the passage into Syria loaded with weapons allocated to support the Syrian regime there and the equipment, which prepared a breach of the terms of the alliance primarily between Baghdad and Washington, where mud grew worse by Baghdad after It announced the establishment of its alliance with the parties no longer on the channel a good relationship with the United States without reference to it represented so closer to being a surprise that translated between the four countries of cooperation to a formal form of representative based to US influence in the region as said Phelps essay challenge.

This comes at a time when the US-Russian relationship is witnessing significant confusion on the impact of the recent movements in the Middle East and the growing physical presence on the ground in it, said Phelps at the end of his article that the United States is now required to position a firm of Baghdad, where he is supposed to emphasize the need the existence of mutual cooperation between the two parties, or cancel its support for Baghdad a final, recommending at the same time to direct that support to the Kurdish region in northern Iraq and support the declaration of independence and submit it as a base Pact American guarantee the interests of the parties in the region with emphasis on the abandonment of Baghdad in Almkabl.anthy 5.