Urgent … Najafi first victims of WikiLeaks

Urgent … Najafi first victims of WikiLeaks

06/24/2015 02:50

Urgent - Najafi first victims of WikiLeaksNewspaper ‘morning’ Turkish revealed exposure Vice President of the Republic of Iraq Osama Najafi to a sudden illness and was taken to a hospital in the city of Arbil and put it in the Chamber of intensive care.

He said a source close to Najafi; ‘that the Vice President is suffering from diabetes for several months, which is subject to ongoing treatment by doctors and follow-up. More recently he had strained himself so much travel and hold lengthy and meetings with various parties from the political process, but today it has entered into a sudden coma and was transferred to a specialist hospital in the city of Erbil for treatment ‘.

On the other hand revealed a source familiar with the real causes of the deterioration of the health status of the sudden Ngeevi, where he said; ‘that the cause of ill-health sudden is the information and documents confidential published by the site’ WikiLeaks’ to the media, which highlighted the role played by Najafi, in cooperation with the Saudi intelligence in destabilize security and stability in Iraq during the rule of former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, which showed some of the documents published by the ‘WikiLeaks’, showed a relationship Najafi, a lot of car bombs, suicide bombings and the recruitment of suicide bombers and transport of improvised explosive devices by affiliated vehicles and bodyguards and pass checkpoints, taking advantage of owned by immunity because of his position in the state. As other documents showed Najafi close relationship, introducing elements organizing the Islamic state ‘Daash’ to the city of Mosul in June of last year, which caused the collapse of the Iraqi army and the fall of the city of Mosul, however, ‘Daash’, with funding and coordination with the authorities in Saudi Arabia.

The source added; that ‘Najafi is currently undergoing intensive treatment, it is hoped to come out of intensive care if his health improved, according to supervisors doctors on treatment’.