Urgent: defying Abadi again .. Maliki speaks of Karbala as a “first deputy” and calls for reform

Urgent: defying Abadi again .. Maliki speaks of Karbala as a “first deputy” and calls for reform

Saturday 07-11-2015 | 6:43:40

Maliki speaks of Karbala as a first deputy and calls for reformTwilight News / challenged the leader of a coalition of law Nuri al-Maliki reiterated Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, a day after his remarks in which he said he was still in office despite assurances from Prime Minister that the positions of President of the Republic completely abolished.

Maliki said in a speech today through supportive People’s Congress for the crowd held by the families of Zabid in Karbala that “the crowd People resistor experience is an extension of the revolution Hussein, peace be upon him and his family and supporters loyal, where competed young people from the family of Muhammad peace be upon them to support Hussein as competed our young people today to defend Iraq They made sacrifices despite the evil designs which were targeting the country. ”

Maliki and participated in the conference as a “first deputy” of the president of the republic.

He added that “despite the conspiracies being hatched against the popular crowd, but it has not deterred from achieving victories, and the day began to purge the land of the terrorist gangs Daash operations, adding that everyone realize that it is imperative to unite and join hands to face the destructive schemes.”

He pointed out that “Iraq needs political stability and this comes through the completion of the political process that you need today to radical reforms carried out by everyone because the job needs to concerted efforts for the success of the construction process.”

He said that “unfair competition and the spread of the phenomenon of financial and political corruption contributed to the delay of construction and reconstruction process,” calling on citizens to “support the Integrity Commission and regulators to curb corrupt practices.”

Maliki accused some “political forces of obstructing the work of previous governments by not pass laws that concern the citizen, including the infrastructure law.”