Ukrainian tanker deal: cracks in the armor as well as bad engines and transmissions

A new chapter in the scandals Ukrainian tanker deal: cracks in the armor as well as engines and transmissions bad

Posted 23/02/2013 01:59 PM

BAGHDAD – “arenas of Liberation”
Sources Iraqi military information a new task for arms deals signed by the government of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and specifically with the countries of the socialist camp before.
and sources indicated that there are a lot of details regarding the corruption of one deals Iraqi Ministry of Defense, and specifically deal armor Ukaneh which reached more than a hundred of them to Directorate armament depots and processing at Camp Taji.

The sources said that the fundamental flaws in the armor as well as engines many faults, is poor efficiency devices Transmission where along phenomenon denies recipe wheels original namely being armored, it has emerged in the armor, which reached the Camp Taji, cracks in Ebdane armor, making them an easy target even for weapons and light, medium and not weapons anti-tank that is supposed to armor provides protection.
sources called members of the committees of security, defense and integrity the parliamentary to visit Camp Taji for the armor Ukrainian and fundamental flaws which, stressing the need not to pass this deal that are inconsistent with the building Iraqi army and an effective national, as well as being characterized Bakathir of corruption in the joints.
transaction includes the original supply 440 tanker armored amount $ 477 million, and signed in 2009 has the knowledge and former Defense Minister Abdul Qader al-Obeidi, and a senior officer in the General Command of the Iraqi Armed Forces team Mohan Furaiji, Maj. Gen. Mahmoud Hassan General Manager of the budget and programs, and Maj. Gen. legal Ghalib Obeid General Counsel of the Ministry of Defense.
While decided Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to cancel the deal, but he and after it was received Ukrainian government quarter of the value the deal and after that faced great pressure made him of military and civilian figures close to him made him agree to implement them again despite the fundamental flaws in the armor and to make them virtually devoid of any operational value.