U.S. State Dept. congratulates Iraq and Kuwait on resolving important issues

U.S. State Dept. congratulates Iraq and Kuwait on resolving important issues


United States Governments of Iraq and Kuwait to succeed resolve key bilateral issues and international over the past year.

He said U.S. Secretary of State issued by the U.S. embassy in Baghdad said on Friday that “this thing that helped important event that happened today, a decision of the Security Council of the United Nations is a testament to the commitment of the two countries neighboring the new relations that we are witnessing today.”

He continued that “we also welcome the end of the maintenance work the border and work on the technical arrangements between Iraq and Kuwait, as recommended by the Committee Iraqi-Kuwaiti border demarcation and the United Nations.”

And between Kerry that he “discussed during yesterday’s visit to Kuwait, and we will continue to support both Iraq and Kuwait so تتمكنا continue to work in the spirit which adopts a joint trust and cooperation, and strengthen the relationship between them, which in turn will enhance regional stability