U.S. report: “Front victory” the most dangerous in Iraq of al-Qaeda

U.S. report: “Front victory” the most dangerous in Iraq of al-Qaeda

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Baghdad / Orr News

Did not rule out Iraqi officials what the Pentagon report released Monday that “Front victory” has become a threat to Iraq, but noted at the same time that the Syrian situation differs from the situation in Iraq, and therefore the armed groups fighting in Syria now to change the system remains concerned Syrian affairs and do not bother nowadays trying to infiltrate Iraqi territory.

The Pentagon report did not say whether the information contained herein is based on rebounds accurate intelligence on the ground or on the basis of subjective estimates of developments and could result in the future.

And generated such a forecast since turned civilian protests in Syria to armed clashes between the opposition and the regime, and then to a grinding war intervened regional and international parties, increasingly entrenched those expectations after the departure of the demonstrations in the provinces with a Sunni majority.

While see a coalition of state law that the flow of armed groups from Syria to Iraq is not ruled out, Kurdistan Alliance believes that it hints to link external demonstrations agendas.

The MP said Abdul Salam al-Maliki that the flow of armed groups from Syria to Iraq is not ruled out, but what will prevent it is the readiness of the defense and security forces of Iraq and its ability to carry out the quality. He stressed that the situation in the region influence in Iraq, but the Iraqi state today is able to deal with any external challenges you may encounter.

According to a report of Pentagon experts Front victory now represent “a real terrorist threat” to the region, and its influence began to expand to include countries neighboring Iraq comes in the forefront. The report quoted U.S. officials in Lebanon said “Front victory” expanding worrying, and the Home Front Command organized suicide totals ready for implementation in Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan, where it can move easily in these countries.

But the Kurdistan Alliance MP Mehdi Haji believes that armed groups in Syria fighting for domestic issues, and there is so far information confirming the existence of a relationship between the armed groups and the Syrian between what is happening in Iraq, pointing out that the situation is different between the two countries, as well as that there Agreements international prevent each state from interfering in the internal affairs of other States.

Haji said “I do not think that any armed group to enter Iraq. This information may represent an indictment of demonstrators in Anbar and other provinces that have foreign agendas and linked with armed groups based in Syria.”

He said Republican Senator Lindsey Graham during a hearing in the Armed Services Committee that Syria as “infection will lead to the overthrow of the king of Jordan and confuse the fragile situation in Iraq basically.” According to reports by U.S. intelligence from Lebanon to move Sunni tribes in Iraq’s Anbar province, escalating wave of sectarian open a new space for “Front victory”, after it appeared that work in Syria does not result in a result close, as he warned the Syrian opposition from dealing with narrow from options to move, and therefore Iraq has become is the best option and consistent with the orientations.

And “Front victory” is a Salafi jihadist organization was formed late in 2011 during the events of Syria. It is not known exactly what the origin of this organization, is that American intelligence reports linked them to al-Qaeda in Iraq. And most of the elements of the front when it was established they were Syrians who previously fought in Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya and other, which is inlaid as well as fighters, Arabs and Turks, Uzbeks, Chechens, Tajiks and few Europeans. To join the front applicants must meet a number of conditions such as commitment religious بالفروض and get a recommendation from a trusted person and to demonstrate the seriousness and discipline. In December the past, the U.S. government classifies Front victory as a terrorist group.

The Syrian opposition factions differ with many Front “victory” which seeks to establish an Islamic emirate in Syria and Lebanon, most notably the “Free Syrian Army”, which seeks to establish a secular state in Syria. Perhaps the conflicts that took place between the elements of the Free Army and elements of the group “Fatah al-Islam” declared joining Front victory in Lebanon’s Roumieh prison reflects the depth of disagreement between the two parties.

And reinforcing fears of breakthrough Front victory to the Iraqi border is expanding to neighboring countries, where press reports said a few days ago that the elements of this front flowing from Syria are systematically to Lebanon seeking to establish foci stationed where to carry out operations may develop at a later stage to a direct confrontation with Lebanese Hezbollah.

Observers believe that the militants have already poured into Iraq from Syria, both under the auspices of the Syrian regime before the start of the crisis, or according to their own potential, adding that this is “highly probable”. The enemy was reportedly in the Pentagon report “talk early,” because the situation in Syria remains unsettled, adding that talk about Entifadh Syrian opposition against Front victory is possible, especially since the Syrian issue is no longer a local issue, it is no longer a conflict between the government and the opposition, but conflict between regional and international powers, and this conflict will continue to pressure militarily on Syria to get better terms for the opposition, in a signal that the force behind the front victory can not distracting presence of Syria in the present time and the distribution of part of the elements on the neighboring countries.