U.S. newspaper / Washington, not in a hurry to help Iraq is pushing to replace Maliki

U.S. newspaper / Washington, not in a hurry to help Iraq is pushing to replace Maliki

Posted,  20/07/2014

US newspaper - Washington not in a hurry to help Iraq is pushing to replace MalikiU.S. newspaper confirmed that Washington looks “non-urgent” is currently providing support for Iraq attributed to the desire of the Obama administration constantly put pressure on political leaders and force them to find a replacement for the outgoing prime minister, Nuri al-Maliki, can “reach an understanding with opponents.

The Wall Street Journal, the U.S., in an article seen by (yards editing), it is with “the beginnings of June last and the start of the Iraqi crisis, the fall of the city of Mosul reached expectations to high levels near for U.S. intervention,” noting that “the U.S. response shows two days later, When President Barack Obama said that Iraq needs more help from the United States, without that rule out anything. ”

The newspaper added that “the Ministry of Defense (Pentagon) announced that its distance from the movement of warships of the U.S. fleet toward the Gulf region in the enhancement of the outlook for the near launch air strikes,” indicating that “the issue now is no longer the case, as it seeks Pentagon officials to allay any talk about a quick decision about what will be the second step in Iraq. ”

The paper quoted, the official media of the Pentagon, Admiral John Kirby, said that while he “feels Defense Department officials that there is something urgent, they will not rush their work around fast,” pointing out that “the report will examine more carefully to assess the situation in Iraq with an open mind, because the completion of this task properly is more important than implemented in a quick and hasty as we emphasized that before. ”

Officials say that this was an indication of the presence of an acute change in the tone of the Obama administration toward Iraq from what it was a month ago. And part of that is because American officials, because they want to slow down the process of making a decision about what will be their next move in order to give enough time for the Iraqi politicians to form a government.

She said, “The Minister of Defense Chuck Hagel and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey, met with President Obama, and while they were expected to discuss the outlines of what display experts from the assessment of the Iraqi forces, they did not provide an official of any report to the president on the subject.”

The newspaper, showed American officials that they do not want to see the Prime Minister outgoing Nuri al-Maliki, continuing in power for a third session, “asserting that” the United States does not want to move quickly Ptazizadtha the Iraqi armed forces, fearing the demise of the pressure on political leaders there to end support for the owners and finding President of the Government who has access to disaffected Sunnis. ”