U.S. mistakes in Iraq …. Continue

U.S. mistakes in Iraq …. Continue
Posted 24/06/2012 12:43 AM

Did not stop the mistakes the U.S. in Iraq even after the withdrawal of troops from, but is continuing political and security, and culturally as well.
no secret parking Obama administration strongly behind Maliki, despite the knowledge of certainty that he was not winning the election, and not secretly stand with him in the present crisis, on the basis of pragmatic American policy is usual, the Sunnis current is an election year, and the White House does not want to open a file of Iraq, which Obama wants, do not close completely, but also the forgotten completely, and keeps him from any possible impact on the presidential race, the U.S., so the best solution is to keep a proven ally, is al-Maliki and Washington know that the same man is an ally of Tehran’s strong, in the embodiment of the idea of satanic agreement: the “axis of evil,” meaning Iran, according to label the U.S., and the “Great Satan,” meaning the United States, according to label Iran, al-Maliki as Rgelhma reliable, which is the embodiment Since it appears to the plot: “America handed Iraq to Iran.”
economically as well .. Did not inherit Iraq from the American presence is not the corruption that looted billions of Iraq and the U.S. in that, Fmlaq the global economy seemed very Alrthath in Iraq, could not accomplish something important for improving the lives of Iraqis and rescued which Orthm him of Saddam’s dictatorship, although the argument invasion only has been the Bush administration used are: save the Iraqis from the dictator is the right word is intended to void.
culturally, Iraq has seen atrophy of the civil state, according to Engineering U.S. – Iranian – a Wahhabi takfiri common Fassadt values of the sectarian killings and religious fanaticism and narrow-mindedness of intellectual and social, and vanished cultural practices in the country was promise fifty years ago in the field of science, education and industrial construction and health services.
of the last mistakes the U.S. in Iraq, is the “center of Mesopotamia for Strategic Studies,” New, which opened in Baghdad by the U.S. Embassy and sponsored in coordination with the Government of Iraq in accordance with the terms of the “strategic framework agreement.”
Center includes the National Defense University and Iraqi National Defence College and the Military Academy of Iraq and the Institute of Languages of Iraq, and the cost of its creation fifteen million dollars funded by the U.S. Embassy.
other words, the research center that will be attached to the Iraqi government, and if we knew it would be crowded with military commanders them who give them the al-Maliki , high-ranking Bllacuam, in a manner exceeded even that was granted by the dictator of Iraq, the former ranks to his officers, and Bamahll strategists who apply to them the title of “analyst” as a profession is not a profession for him, we’ll get to a result where the “center of Mesopotamia for Strategic Studies”, a copy of a U.S. other reconstruction projects in Iraq, which were not only projects a deceptive, it is a cover for corruption rare in the world, according to studies and government reports the U.S. itself.
that the institutes and research centers, the U.S. finest and most credible and serious, are those independent even if they received aid from Congress or the government , FINE our new Iraqi Annex government recognizes the bases as mired in corruption, it is only of scientific personnel and those with practical experience of successful, as a result of sectarian and party, from research centers in the U.S. high-end, which I am following a lot of achievements, and I participate in research some of them: “Gallup”, ” Brookings “,” American Enterprise “and others?
instead of having to build our White House was something special about following the U.S. approach in research and knowledge, it leaves us no matter deformity another similar state components of sectarianism and nationalism, which was founded after the invasion of the country, confirms that the U.S. presence in Iraq, the story of the failure of does not end.
* Iraqi writer and researcher participated in the completion of several research in favor of “Gallup”
Source: altahreernews