Trade Bank of Iraq calls for the establishment of a unified banking project

Trade Bank of Iraq calls for the establishment of a unified banking project
Tuesday, June 19, 2012 13:46

Baghdad {: News} Euphrates called Trade Bank of Iraq Association of private banks to contribute to the establishment of electronic payments is divided {} inside Iraq to be all private banks under the banking system is one in one of the country.

The Director-General of the Bank of the Iraqi Trade Hamdiya Mahmoud dry in a statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it during a meeting of Trade Bank of Iraq with the Association of private banks and the presence of the Iraqi Central Bank announced today that “by a thousand miles begin the step-by-step that we made for the purpose of the development of banking and progress in pursuit of its services and Trade Bank of Iraq to strengthen the ties of relationship with the private banking sector, we have initiated a project is divided constructing electronic payments to include all private sector banks. ”

She stressed that “the Trade Bank of Iraq has all the supplies that will direct Created {divided electronic payments} but the spirit of community requires work as a bloc banking and one for success and development of the banking sector in Iraq and keep up with technology developments in the regional countries and the World.”

Dry and showed that “the accession of Iraqi banks, as well as the private sector to draft divider is in the development of the banking sector in all its aspects and pour in providing the best services and prices, the most appropriate system to the users of electronic payments in general.”

She noted that “the invitation to participate in the establishment of electronic payments is divided, the second of its kind where the project was preceded by the establishment of an investment fund contributes to the advancement of the reality of investment in the country and the participation of all private banks.”

She added that the dry, “Trade Bank of Iraq the idea and the first initiators and contributors in the establishment of the fund,” asserting that “the face of his call to the bank association of private banks that have decided to form a committee to discuss the mechanism of the establishment of the Fund and how to contribute to it.”

She said “such a project to help implement projects Amarnyh and service in the country and also contribute to a wide expanse of investment and generate benefits to serve the country and society.” Ended
Source: alforatnews