The US Embassy in Baghdad receives “threats” and makes a request to the Iraqi government

The US Embassy in Baghdad receives “threats” and makes a request to the Iraqi government

2019/09/03 15:16 2609

The US Embassy in Baghdad receives threats and makes a request to the Iraqi governmentBaghdad Today – Baghdad

A source familiar with the US embassy in Baghdad has been threatened by the request to strengthen its protection by the Iraqi government.

The source said in an exclusive interview with (Baghdad today) that “the US embassy received information on August 29, 2019, that it would be exposed to security threats, which prompted it to seek protection from the Iraqi Interior Ministry.”

“The Iraqi security forces met the request and provided protection to the embassy on Thursday and Friday, and then withdrew after the danger was removed,” he said.

The State Department issued a resolution on Wednesday, May 15, 2019, a decision to reduce the number of members of Washington’s diplomatic mission in Baghdad and asked them to leave Iraq, hours after the international coalition announced to raise the state of alert in Iraq to the maximum degree.

“The US State Department has issued an order to withdraw non-essential US government employees from Iraq, whether working at the US embassy in Baghdad or at the US consulate in Erbil,” the US embassy said in a statement.

The media reported, at dawn on Wednesday (May 15, 2019), that the international coalition forces against ISIS, raised the state of alert in Iraq, to ​​the maximum degree, after detecting threats to US bases and interests in Iraq.

“The threats hovered around Ain al-Asad, another base in Taji, Baghdad, as well as the US embassy in the capital and a number of Americans, including those with Iraqi forces.”

“This decision was issued by the US Central Command,” a US station said.

“There may be attacks by ISIS, or even Iranian threats that Washington considers. There are also fears of militias collaborating with Iran in Iraq.”

“When the Americans send a warning like this, it means there is a direct danger, and American forces must be prepared.”

She pointed out that “this warning came because of the permanent risks since the emergence of ISIS, and because Washington considers that there are risks related to Iranian threats.”

“The Americans are threatened with killings and kidnappings, and the latter can enter Washington in a difficult situation.”

“The Americans have information that there are elements of ISIS who want to target US forces and civilian Americans,” she said.