The truth behind the “cancellation” of Abdul-Mahdi’s visit to Washington ..

The truth behind the “cancellation” of Abdul-Mahdi’s visit to Washington ..

Wednesday 18 September 2019 at 12:26

The truth behind the Baghdad / Sky Press

A senior government official revealed today why Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi’s visit to Washington was delayed.

The official said that “the schedule of Abdul-Mahdi’s visits at the present time does not include Washington or any other country, because of his preoccupation with important internal files.”

He explained that “talk of canceling the visit by the Americans is not true because the prime minister did not ask for the visit in the first place, but there was an earlier date was postponed last April, and has not yet been raised this issue again.”

The official considered, “linking the issue with the bombing of the Popular Mobilization Camps or the movement to enact a law to get US troops out of Iraq or the Iranian-American crisis, just speculation from Iraqi MPs and politicians.”

He stressed, “Such visits are often made in accordance with arrangements between the countries concerned, and announced by the White House some time ago, as well as the Office of the Prime Minister himself.”