The time factor putting pressure on the end of the notice of all weeks

Maliki, facing calls for the withdrawal of confidence from the government to appeal to the Constitution and the choice of the majority ends on Thursday, the deadline set by the consultative meeting for the meeting of Erbil to respond to the demands nine without some of its participants a clear answer on a package of reforms proposed it as an input to resolve the political crisis.

Observers believe in the path of political crisis that put all parties on the line after reaching the relationship between them to the stage is difficult to restore and repair and put it on the road to the political process.

and according to the filtrate, the political crisis, moving rapidly to the edge of the abyss serious what did not match the parties on a political settlement save Iraq from the case of chaos and instability and is likely hypothesis to find a way out of crisis intensity of contacts between the political leaders to develop a vision compatible compromise meets the concerns of the participants meeting Erbil and saves face for Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, who faces choices to replace another candidate.

and it seems that the time factor putting pressure on everyone, whether they are signatories the demands of meeting Erbil or National Alliance, which belongs to al-Maliki because running out of time without achieving the demands of Maliki’s opponents will Albuladely the edge of crisis unpredictable repercussions crisis is moving toward two options left with, as they say Voqtab meeting Erbil are committed to the option of withdrawal of confidence from Maliki’s government if you do not respond to their demands through their deadline, which expires today and meet al-Maliki this position to uphold the constitution that the support of his allies in the National Alliance and calls into question the ability of opponents to achieve the necessary votes of no confidence with him in parliament.

states claimed nine decided upon by the participants at the meeting of Arbil and are Massoud Barzani, and Moqtada al- Sadr and Iyad Allawi and Osama Najafi to achieve political balance in the management of the country and the division of powers and reform the military and away from exclusion and marginalization and the fight against corruption and fill the security ministries candidates of the political blocs and identified fifteen days of the implementation of their demands or else will turn to the option of withdrawal of confidence from Maliki’s government and political calculations, the parties that signed the demands of meeting Erbil has about 180 seats in parliament out of 275 in addition to independent and may the forces from within the National Alliance, which gives it likely to ask to withdraw confidence from the al-Maliki.

According to Kurdish sources, the signatories to the demands of meeting Erbil Juloa President Jalal Talabani to seek the other side to find a political solution and compromise to end the crisis, and according to those sources, the poles of the meeting of Erbil do not mind to assume Ibrahim al-Jaafari as prime minister as an alternative to the owners and is the president of the National Alliance in an attempt to win over al-Jaafari for this option and abandon the option to stick to Maliki deduced from the three forces become competitive and challenge the coalition and parliament,

and observers believe that the political crisis raging despite the difficult and stuck to each position except that the efforts made by President Jalal Talabani, backed by Iran and possibly from Washington could lead ship of the crisis to the shores of safety even if the temporary and Iraq to avoid further tension and open up to the Options may return all parties to square one.