The Story Of Al-Kazemi’s Assassination (From A To Z) Full Details Of Before And After The Accident

The Story Of Al-Kazemi’s Assassination (From A To Z) Full Details Of Before And After The Accident

12/11/2021 | 11:16 AM

The Story Of Al-Kazemis Assassination From A To Z Full Details Of Before And After The AccidentBooks / Salam Adel

On Friday, 5 / 11, demonstrators belonging to the Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq movement were killed, during demonstrations that erupted that afternoon in front of the gates of the Green Zone, and a force from the Baghdad Operations Commandos had fired live bullets at the entrance to the Green Zone near the suspension bridge, while another force fired At the same time, from maintaining order at the entrance to the legislation, and all field operations were managed by the Group of 73, a group affiliated with the intelligence service called the Al-Shahwani Group. The founding force of the intelligence service, which has been responsible for the dirty operations since 2003, including mysterious assassinations and antiquities smuggling, and this includes the killings of young people in the October 2019 demonstrations.

On the next day, which coincided with Saturday 6/11, Al-Kazemi met in the morning at 9 with his own team, and all indications were pointing in the opposite direction in terms of the difficulty of getting rid of the conviction that would topple him, as a result of the killing of the demonstrators, which coincided with a move across the judiciary supported by evidence. By Sheikh Qais Al-Khazali, which made Al-Kazemi and his team make a preliminary decision to work on creating an escalating opposite wave by any means, whatever the cost, to get rid of the conviction and turn the equation.

At 12 noon, Al-Kazemi decided to fully prepare for a confrontation with Asa’ib, but the nature and quality of it was not determined, which made him decide to take (his family) first, which consisted of his wife and daughter out of Iraq, so they were quickly expelled through Baghdad Airport by a small private plane to Beirut, and he Al-Kazemi himself contacted the director of Beirut airport to receive the family and bring them into Lebanon without officially passing through the passports, for security reasons, as Al-Kazemi requested.

Discussions continued inside Al-Kazemi’s office until 6 pm, at which time it was decided to agree to implement a plan described by Mashreq Abbas, Al-Kazemi’s advisor, as the proven plan, as it was inspired by previous operations carried out by activists and media, in terms of making a wide media wave, leading news bulletins and attracting international sympathy and solidarity, which is A plan to arrange an assassination attempt on Al-Kazemi, as activists and bloggers have always fabricated it with the aim of obtaining protection and political asylum.

Until 12 at night, Al-Kazemi and Mashreq Abbas were moving in a very private and secret manner to arrange the assassination, and they were even keen not to inform the President of the Republic, Barham Salih with this arrangement so that the event would create a resounding psychological shock in order for the incident to achieve its goals, and they were satisfied with using Lieutenant-General Ahmed Salim, Baghdad Operations Commander And the commander of the Special Division, Major General Hamed Al-Zuhairi, after the two were informed that they were involved in the killing of the demonstrators and that they might be condemned by the judiciary, and for this they should make an effort and join the plan to create the opposite wave in order to protect against accountability and thwart attempts at conviction with a proactive step.

At 2 am on Sunday 7 / 11, the scene of the fabricated assassination had been prepared, as a sound pressure device was planted at the entrance to one of the abandoned houses by the Group of 73, and Lieutenant-General Ahmed Salim brought a black projectile de-padded from the stores of Baghdad operations, which had been carried out. It had been possessed earlier, and this projectile was placed on the roof of the house, and Major General Hamid Al-Zuhairi also contributed to bringing a damaged car from behind as a result of an accident that occurred 7 months ago in the garage of the Special Division Command, where a Katyusha missile targeting the US Embassy fell in that garage and caused another car to explode. He was parked behind the damaged car, causing damage to it from behind.

After the crime scene decoration was completed, the sound device was detonated, which caused limited pressure within the vicinity of the explosion, in addition to minor damage to the walls, one of the doors and windows, and the surrounding floor. Indiscriminate shooting by members of the Group of 73, in addition to a single machine gun that was provided by the command of the Special Division, Mashreq Abbas passed through a text message to Al-Arabiya Al-Hadath channel about the incident of the assassination of Al-Kazemi.


At three o’clock in the morning, the situation began to develop on the media level, and although the idea of ​​the assassination was intended to cause an opposite media wave, Kazemi and Mashreq Abbas did not plan for media marketing because they were too busy preparing for the accident, which opened the door to confusion. She wonders Mashreq and Al-Kazemi decided to shoot a video in which Al-Kazemi appears to explain what happened, and at the same accelerated time, Major General Saad Maan was calling Mashreq Abbas as the head of the Security Media Cell and he should present a position, as well as Major General Yahya Rasoul as a spokesman for the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, because Mashreq Abbas has made the declaration of any security information related to him exclusively central, and he is the only one who directs the spokesmen. For this reason, Mashreq Abbas passed brief information about the targeting of a drone and that the Prime Minister had left unharmed, but a number of guards were injured, so the speaker, Saad Maan and Yahya Rasul, understood the difficult reality and became Each of them provides data fromHis diligence differs from the other, and this created a difference even in the number of injured people, between 7 to 10.

Kazemi and Mashreq Abbas continued throughout the day on Sunday, communicating with the Iraqi embassies abroad in order to obtain international solidarity positions, and exhaustion and fatigue almost made them fall into a state of complete exhaustion, and Mashreq decided to photograph the scene of the accident and present it to the thirsty media at that moment, although it was possible to show a filming Surveillance cameras, which alone were enough to show what happened from a drone attack, according to what was announced, but the truth is that surveillance cameras were not available, because the house was abandoned and there were no cameras, and the footage of the scene of the accident did not show the presence of human blood confirming the exposure Some of the guards were injured.

Although the meeting of the coordinating framework forces with the presidencies and in the presence of Al-Kazemi, which took place on Monday evening 8/11, obligated Al-Kazemi to form a technical committee to investigate the assassination, but Al-Kazemi, despite the passage of three days since the decision to form the committee, did not form it, and it was not allowed It will not be allowed to open the alleged crime scene to investigators from any side, because this will reveal the truth of the explosion that occurred by an implanted sound device and not a drone, and that the operation was not (assassination) but (fraud).