The secret document leaked from the US intelligence organization … Daash is essential

The secret document leaked from the US intelligence organization … Daash is essential to bring down the Syrian government

May 31, 2015, 9:49

The secret document leaked from the US intelligence organization - Daash is essential to bring down the Syrian government((Eighth day))

Increasing evidence and documents on the role of the United States and regional countries in facilitating its emergence and expansion of the “Daash” terrorist and submitting him military aid in order to use it as a tool in the war against the Syrian state.

Government regulatory group and published the province, “Jodechial Watch” a few days ago a number of confidential documents to the CIA after he obtained from the Ministry of Defense and the State Department’s office of through a federal lawsuit.

According to a leaked reports CIA, which dates back to the / 12 / August year / 2012 / that “al-Qaeda and its affiliates are the driving force of the armed opposition groups in Syria, the Western-backed and therefore must be dealt with in order to weaken the government in Damascus.

The confidential report leaked to the point that “the existence of an Islamic state is desirable in the eastern region of Syria in order to increase the impact of Western policies in the region.”

The report adds, “for the countries of the West, the Gulf and Turkey, which supports the Syrian opposition, there is the potential for the establishment of the Emirate of Salafi declared or undeclared in eastern Syria any in Hasaka, Deir al-Zour, and this is precisely what you want in support of the opposition forces in order to isolate the Syrian government.”

She noted the group that published the documents that the report was circulated widely among the various government agencies including the US Central Command and the intelligence service CIA and the FBI FBI and the State Department and others.

The report, which has become a document confirms that the American intelligence service “to expect the emergence of the organization of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant,” but instead of identifying the group as an enemy report that said the terrorist organization “useful strategy of the United States.”

Although many analysts and journalists have documented the role of Western intelligence services in the formation and training of terrorist groups in Syria, but the new document leaked form the top level of emphasis on Western governments to consider organizing “Daash as one of the tools to topple the government in Syria.

Apart from the Declaration of the United States and media Review the formation of an international coalition for the war to organize “Daash” the movement of the US arms follow to the region and the arrival of a large section of it into the hands of terrorists “Daash” appears and from, for example, the use of regulation a large number of anti-tank American tau missiles during the attack the last of the city of Palmyra and the subsequent massacres against hundreds of civilians.

And to follow the Croatian anti-tank rockets found the source of the possession of terrorists “Daash” as stated in the research report armament in conflict situations lead to a joint program between Saudi intelligence and the CIA, which can easily be proved over the serial numbers of the missiles. \ ST \