The Sadrists cling to naming the Prime Minister and a source in Al-Hanana: There is no alliance until after the government is formed

The Sadrists cling to naming the Prime Minister and a source in Al-Hanana: There is no alliance until after the government is formed

2021-10-14 08:29

The Sadrists cling to naming the Prime Minister and a source in Al-Hanana - There is no alliance until after the government is formedShafaq News/ The Sadrist bloc renewed its adherence to naming a prime minister, since even after amending the results, it is still the largest bloc, while a source close to “Al-Hanana” indicated the residence of Shiite leader Muqtada al-Sadr; The new election law does not allow the formation of political alliances until after the announcement of the formation of the government.

An informed source in Al-Hanana confirmed to Shafaq News Agency, who refused to reveal his name; The issue of government formation is settled for the Sadrist bloc, and there is no discussion about that, as the Sadrist bloc tops the lists of winners with seats that guarantee it to move comfortably in order to agree with the strong winning blocs to form the government, knowing that the presidency of the government will be (Sadr) par excellence.

Regarding Al-Sadr’s calls for calm and obligating his followers not to raise arms in the face of any Iraqi in order to protect, he said that “Al-Sadr places civil peace and the security of Iraqis among the most important priorities of his work, and therefore he cannot see threats here and there and does not issue orders to all his followers to remain calm and not be drawn into the provocative attempts of some to mobilize the street against Al-Sadr and his followers,” stressing that “Al-Sadr’s position on this indicates strength and does not mean waiving the rights of his fans who gave him their votes.”

Regarding al-Sadr’s nomination for a parliamentary negotiating committee, he stated that “the committee assigned al-Sadr special tasks that are summarized in the mechanism of distributing positions and ministerial portfolios, each according to his electoral entitlement (his seats), after the final results were announced by the Electoral Commission,” noting that “promoting the formation of the government by political consensus. Rather, it is an attempt to provoke feelings, as what distinguishes the Sadrist bloc is that it achieved the highest number of seats as one Sadrist bloc that does not include with it any current or political entity other than the Sadrists,” noting that “many of the new winners within the independent lists showed a strong desire to engage or ally with the Sadrist bloc.” This strengthens the bloc’s position in parliament and politically.”

Al-Sadr had announced in an official statement bearing his own seal that his representatives had been named to negotiate.

He said in the statement received by Shafak News Agency; “We would like to inform all political parties, that the negotiating committee that represents us exclusively and that no one has the right to interfere in its work, whoever they are (Hassan Al-Adari as its chairman, Dr. Nassar Al-Rubaie as his first deputy, Nabil Al-Tarifi as his second deputy, and Hakim Al-Zamili as his supporter).”

He added that “the committee has full powers in the matter of parliamentary and political alliances for this stage…provided that they return to us in the tasks of their affairs and avoid alliances with those who have comments on them…and that they work according to precautions and public interests.”

It is noteworthy that what is known as the Shiite coordination framework renewed its rejection of the election results on Wednesday 13 October.

He said in a statement, “We had announced our rejection of the announced preliminary results of the elections, according to clear technical data, and that what appeared in the past two days of chaos in announcing the results, confusion in procedures and inaccuracy in presenting the facts has reinforced our lack of confidence in the Commission’s procedures, which calls us to reiterate our rejection of the I announce the results and that proceeding with them threatens to endanger civil peace.”