The Russian ambassador calls on Iraq to join BRICS: I am Abu Daoud and my son was born in Baghdad

The Russian ambassador calls on Iraq to join BRICS: I am Abu Daoud and my son was born in Baghdad


The Russian ambassador calls on Iraq to join BRICS - I am Abu Daoud and my son was born in BaghdadBaghdad – 964
The Russian ambassador to Iraq, Elbrus Kutrashev, said that the opportunity is available to Iraq to join the BRICS countries , and that he is not concerned with the nature of the American response to this decision if Baghdad takes it. He also spoke with great admiration about the visit of Prime Minister Muhammad Shia al-Sudani to Moscow (October 2023). He said that he did not expect the visit to be so successful.

The Russian Ambassador to Iraq, Elbrus Kutrashev, in an interview with the journalist Saif Ali, followed by the 964 network :

Russian-Iraqi relations are good and have a long history. There are no complications, neither from a historical standpoint nor from a current standpoint. External factors are what complicate these relations. As for the two peoples, we have a good and solid friendship. I am very comfortable being Russia’s ambassador to Iraq.

In diplomatic life, it is very difficult to separate personal life from work life, and I intended to choose Iraq as my first diplomatic station, because I love Iraq and my personal life is linked to Iraq. My first son was born in Baghdad in 1999, and bears the name David, so I am Abu David.

Russia is ready to provide anything that Iraq needs, and we will not be stingy with anything that we can provide and give to Iraq, including economic cooperation. The visit of the Sudanese President to Russia was very successful and beyond all expectations, and I was convinced that the visit would be successful, but not to this extent, and the visit was It has a historical dimension and formed a solid base for continuing to develop our relations in all fields.

In Iraq, we do not play the game of axes, and we do not look at Iraq as an arena for conflicts with anyone. Iraq is the one who chooses with whom it will develop its relations, and we have no sensitivity towards any country, whether Russia, America, China, or other countries.

If Iraq wishes to join the BRICS group, there is a joint leadership that is looking into the matter. In fact, we have no agendas against America or others. If Iraq wants, welcome, we will work to help it comfortably, and I do not care about the American response on this issue.