The President of the Republic: Our strategic dialogue with America will begin next June

The President of the Republic: Our strategic dialogue with America will begin next June

15/4/2020 15:40

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The President of the Republic - Our strategic dialogue with America will begin next JuneThe President of the Republic, Barham Salih, said on Wednesday that the “strategic dialogue” between Iraq and the United States of America will start in the month of June,

while he considered that the most important factor that causes “complete instability” of Iraq is “the lack of a capable and sovereign state” .

Saleh stated in an interview with the American “CNN” network that “one of the big issues before (Prime Minister-designate Mustafa Al-Kazemi if his government is given confidence) will be in June to start the strategic dialogue with the United States,”

noting that “the United States is involved with Iraq.” In a very effective way and for sure since 2003. ”
Saleh emphasized the necessity, “to place the relationship (between Iraq and America) in a correct context and in an appropriate manner,”

He added: “We have what we call the Strategic Framework Agreement; we need to detail these matters, including the status of the US and coalition forces present in Iraq, and I am sure that by June, I hope that with the new government, we will have a very good dialogue and in a way that respects Iraq’s sovereignty.” .

He continued: “From 2003 to today, it is perhaps the most important factor causing complete instability in Iraq and its failure to coexist in complete peace with itself and with its neighbors is the absence of a sovereign and capable state in Iraq, a state capable of imposing the rule of law in the country and by having balanced relations with its neighbors. With the international community (including the United States) based on respect for its sovereignty, I hope that this concept will be the guiding principle for our dialogue. ”

He pointed out that “our strategic partnership with the United States and with Europe and our neighbors is a very important matter. Our country has witnessed many conflicts over the past forty years, we have suffered from wars and blockades, comprehensive genocide, and many other tragedies, the country needs stability” He continued, “With the stability of Iraq, it may serve as a crystallization factor for a much better regional order in the Middle East.”