the political problems will not affect the project to delete the zeros after coming out of Chapter VII

the political problems will not affect the project to delete the zeros after coming out of Chapter VII


Predicted the parliamentary economic committee member Abdul Hussein Abtan, Sunday, that does not affect the political problems on the project to delete the zeros from the Iraqi currency, pointing out that Chapter VII was largest Maroqat the implementation of the project in terms of demand مدخري currency damages.

Abtan said in a statement to “Awan”, that “the central bank introduced an integrated project to the government and parliament, and held long discussions about it with experts and specialists, as shares ease the caveats of the deletion process.”

He said, “Everyone sees positives raise zeros from the currency more than disadvantages, as well as being an economic process strategy while the negatives can be avoided within a record period, according to the central bank.”

The Alabtan noted that “this does not mean the absence of negatives in the project, there are administrative and financial effort will be made ​​for the success of the operation, in addition to the possible existence of obstacles and other financial arrangements may get during the deletion because it requires a new edition of the coin.”

He pointed out that “the seventh item that came out of him Iraq was a bigger obstacles implementation of the project, to the possibility of a claim مدخري currency abroad damages, but after the end of this obstacle has become necessary to start deleting the zeros”, indicating that the monetary reserves of the Central Bank of $ 76 billion, and that Iraq has turned from a debtor country to a donor country, and has a clearly defined economy. “

He cautioned that “experience has proved successful in neighboring and regional countries such as Turkey, Lebanon and others, there is no need to worry about a relapse currency and the economy.”

The deputy governor of the Central Bank of the previous appearance of Mohammed Saleh warned of starting a lifting of the zeroes at the moment, due to Iraq on the blockbuster 2014 parliamentary elections could create a a transitional confused situation affects negatively on the price of the currency.