The political consensus force us to withdraw confidence from the 3 presidencies..event of withdrawal from al-Maliki

Member of the state law: the political consensus will force us to withdraw confidence from the three presidencies in the event of withdrawal from al-Maliki

On: Sun 06/10/2012 9:39

Baghdad (news) .. According to a member State of Law Coalition MP / National Alliance / just waste of al-Maliki, there is no constitutional provision to indicate that the withdrawal of confidence from the government includes the three presidencies, but only to the prime minister and ministers, but the consensus of political forces us to be no-confidence for the three presidencies. 
Maliki said in a statement (of the Agency news for the people) on Sunday: The crisis of confidence began to breakthrough, the presence of a strong reaction from some lawmakers to stand against the withdrawal of confidence in Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki. He explained: that the National Alliance, consisting of (159) Vice was the largest bloc that must form the majority government, but the coup came from the coalition in Iraq and a coalition of Kurdish blocs did not agree to form a majority government, but insisted on forming a government of national partnership on the grounds that the country is home to all spectra, components, and everyone must participate in the political decision. The MP for the coalition of state law to: that the National Alliance formed a government partnership that is built on the basis of sectarian and nationalist, in order to Iraq’s unity, but it reflected negatively on the performance of the government and began the accusations of marginalization and exclusion of the Government of the partnership as if the Maliki government only. and between: that the Constitution provides that confidence will not the Prime Minister only, but the Prime Minister and Minister, and since the government was built on the basis of consensus, so we will be forced to withdraw confidence from the three presidencies (the Republic, ministers and parliament). The Office of the President announced that the letter of President Talabani did not report to the House of Representatives Despite the readiness of the text, due to lack of quorum, noting that it deposited with the President of Kurdistan. A statement by the Office of the President yesterday: President Talabani promised the leaders of a number of political blocs that bringing to the House of Representatives the distinguished names of the House of Representatives demanding the withdrawal of confidence from the Prime Minister After confirming the integrity of the signatures and the required quorum. / Finished / 2. n. r /

Source: ikhnews