The path to approving the budget is interrupted by al-Halbousi’s approval.. The impeachment movement is on the doorstep of Parliament

The path to approving the budget is interrupted by al-Halbousi’s approval.. The impeachment movement is on the doorstep of Parliament


The path to approving the budget is interrupted by al-Halbousis approval.. The impeachment movement is on the doorstep of ParliamentInformation / special..
It seems that politics is the art of mastering gains. At a time when the Iraqi people are waiting for good news of approving the budget, and given the many segments dependent on it, the Speaker of the House of Representatives issues a decision to grant himself a leave for two weeks in conjunction with the efforts of the political forces to approve the budget, to raise the question of what is the fault of the people By taking advantage of the position before the inevitable end?

Al-Halbousi continues his legal and functional violation by mortgaging the approval of the budget law with a number of files (political gains) that must be achieved in order to support the quelling of his impeachment movement, which reached the doorstep of Parliament, and to establish himself in the position during the coming period, throwing the most important project for the people against the wall.

* Political gains

And speaking of al-Halbousi’s permission file, Haider al-Lami, a leader in the State of Law Coalition, said in an interview with Al-Maalouma agency, that “a sense of responsibility requires setting aside all private political issues and working to complete the people’s requirements that depend on passing the general budget law,” noting that “the presidency of parliament is an order It is exceptional because the position has great powers that contribute to stopping the citizen’s power in case of default.”

And he continues, “The days that the Iraqi people are going through are very difficult in conjunction with the crisis of the dollar’s rise, which requires utmost importance in working to approve the budget,” noting that “Parliament Speaker Muhammad al-Halbousi views the people’s budget as a political gain.”

And he added, “The stage requires the necessity of separating competitive political work in order to establish a position or prominence over the rest of the political blocs, and to approve the important laws that the general Iraqi people await.”

An informed source had revealed, in an interview with Al-Maaloumah Agency, that “Muhammad Al-Halbousi asked his bloc not to attend the parliament sessions after he granted himself a 15-day leave, in order to trade in several files, including the general amnesty, which will include many terrorists and perpetrators of crimes.” (4 terrorism) in the previous period in return for passing the general budget law.

* The budget and the spiral of political conflicts

In addition, political analyst Haider Arab considered, in an interview with Al-Maaloumah Agency, that “Muhammad al-Halbousi’s leave represents one of the pressure cards that he exerts on the coordination framework forces in order to gain support against the Sunni forces’ move to dismiss him,” noting that “the Speaker of Parliament is pressing for a facilitation file.” Approval of the budget in order to win the challenge against him from the Sunni forces in the western regions.

And Arab continues his speech, “Al-Halbousi is trying to invest his executive position in influencing the passage of important laws, including passing the general budget law,” pointing out that “he seeks to remove the danger of dismissal in many of the decisions he took during this period.”

Achieving electoral interests

For his part, a member of the Rights Movement, Hussein Ali Al-Karawi, blamed Parliament Speaker for the delay in approving the law, expressing his regret that the budget was not included in the parliament’s agenda for the first reading.

In an interview with Al-Maalouma Agency, “Al-Halbousi is trying to impose his conditions in the budget to achieve personal goals,” noting that “Al-Halbousi is trying to achieve factional electoral gains, especially in light of the conflict on the Sunni arena, control of the political decision, and imposing what he wants, albeit at the expense of the rest.” Sons of Iraq from other provinces.

It seems that Muhammad al-Halbousi’s continuation in the position of Speaker of Parliament will delay many important laws, most notably the general budget law, as it is clear that he will enter the budget into a trench of bargaining in order to pass personal gains regardless of the urgent need for them from all groups of the Iraqi people.