The new Iraqi aircraft specifications march drone

The new Iraqi aircraft specifications march drone

10/11/2015 13:03 GMT

The new Iraqi aircraft specifications march droneFollow-up – and babysit – Report site Loire BL born US revealed that the new Iraq march unmanned aircraft are Chinese-made aircraft, CH-4, representing the Chinese response to US drone of “Predator” style.
He said the report “Given that Iraq lacks the communications system via satellite, so the aircraft operators rely on radio signals to drive the plane and download video clips that unimaginable that plane.”

CH-4 aircraft equipped with small anti-tank missiles have been sold insane amounts of them in several countries as Nigeria had used the older version, called CH-3 in the fight against gangs Boko Haram expiatory.

The “Anklh Pebble” the Chinese site has revealed the specifications of this aircraft built by the China Academy of Space Agency offered for the first time in 2013 at the air show in the capital, Beijing, where The site that the aircraft weight of 1330 kg and is capable of carrying 350 kilograms of ammunition include Guenblatn ordinary and surface to air bombs addressed laser which can fly for 40 hours.