The National Union: Barham Salih is our only candidate for the presidency

The National Union: Barham Salih is our only candidate for the presidency

2022-03-07 09:04

The National Union - Barham Salih is our only candidate for the presidencyShafaq News/ On Sunday, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan renewed its adherence to Barham Salih, as the only candidate for the presidency of the republic, while confirming that Salih will present his name among the candidates for the position again, after the recent parliament decision.

Union Representative, Nermin Maarouf, told Shafaq News Agency, “The only candidate of the National Union for the post of President of the Republic is Barham Salih. There are dialogues between the National Union and the Democratic Party, and it is hoped that an agreement will be reached during the coming period.”

Yesterday, Saturday, the Iraqi Council of Representatives held a session in the presence of the Presidency of the Council and 265 deputies, during which a vote was taken to open the nomination for the post of the President of the Republic, and 203 deputies voted in favor of the decision, while 62 deputies refused to open the candidacy again.

And this session was held by the decision of the Federal Supreme Court, last Tuesday, which ruled that it was unconstitutional to reopen the candidacy by the Presidency of Parliament, without a decision to be voted on by the majority of the members of the Council.

Yesterday, Saturday, the Kurdistan Democratic Party revealed that Reber Ahmed Khaled is the candidate of the Triple Alliance for the Presidency of the Republic.