The Ministry of Transport refutes a “rumor” that the Faw port is offered for sale or investment

The Ministry of Transport refutes a “rumor” that the Faw port is offered for sale or investment

2021.10.30 – 00:14

The Ministry of Transport refutes a rumor that the Faw port is offered for sale or investmentBaghdad – people

On Friday, the Iraqi Ministry of Transport denied the rumors about the presentation of the Al-Faw Grand Port project for sale or investment.

The ministry said in a statement that Nass received a copy of it (October 29, 2021), “Social media circulated a news that the projects of the Great Port of Faw have been offered for sale or investment, and we would like to show the Iraqi and international public opinion that the news that has been circulated It is false news and has no basis on the ground.”

The ministry’s statement stated, “We proudly state that the five infrastructure projects represented by the tunnel linking Khor Al-Zubair and the port, in addition to the road leading to it, as well as the five berths and the channel leading to the navigation channel and the mooring basin, which were signed and allocated the necessary amounts for implementation from the 2020-2021 budget, which is a follow-up By the Ministry through live broadcast screens from the work site and located in the office of the Minister of Transport, the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and Parliament.

The statement added, “As for the completion of the great FAO project, we received a letter from the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers asking us to go to investment, and we did not start any procedures in this regard, especially as we are now considered a caretaker government, and God willing, work will begin next year to announce the rest of the basic plans for the port of Faw.” It is based on the basic designs of the Italian designer company (Technetal).

He continued, “As for the memoranda signed with the United Arab Emirates, they are memoranda of understanding and not agreements through which we hope to cooperate and exchange experiences between Dubai and Abu Dhabi ports and Iraqi ports in the issues of automation and management, especially as we know that the UAE has a long history in this field.”

The transport statement indicated that “the ministry signed maritime agreements with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after obtaining official approvals from the competent authorities. We are also in the process of signing a maritime agreement with the State of Qatar through which trips will be conducted between the two brotherly countries and cooperation in the field of maintaining ships, as well as granting marine licenses to marine crews.” .

He concluded by saying, “We can only thank the media, observers and those interested for their interest in the crucial issues related to the homeland and the citizen, and at the same time we wish them to take the information from its official sources and verify it before going into it, which may affect the country’s reputation.”