The Law On Dissolving Parliament .. “Contrary To The Constitution And Will Not Benefit The People”

The Law On Dissolving Parliament .. “Contrary To The Constitution And Will Not Benefit The People”

08/06/2022 | 5:40 PM

The Law On Dissolving Parliament .. Contrary To The Constitution And Will Not Benefit The PeopleInformation/private.
Representative of the State of Law coalition, Jassem al-Moussawi, confirmed, on Saturday, that dissolving parliament at this time will not benefit the Iraqi people and is in violation of the constitution.

Al-Moussawi said in an interview with “The Information” that “the Iraqi people are now waiting for the political blocs to form the government and approve the general Maronites, as well as reduce the exchange rate and all the crises that occurred in the current government and need urgent solutions, and this is a legitimate right of the citizen after the elections.”

He added, “There are many political blocs that refuse to hold elections in the presence of the current commission and seek to form a new election commission in order to guarantee the citizens’ vote, pointing out that” funds must be provided because the current government is a caretaker government and does not have the right to allocate election funds.”

He continued, “There are many constitutional laws to dissolve parliament and hold early elections, and we will not allow abuse and infringement on them.”

He pointed out that “the coordinating framework is ready for dialogues and negotiations that come out with joint and positive results to resolve the government formation crisis.”

And political analyst Hussein al-Kinani had previously stated to “Information” that “the current situation needs common ground and radical solutions to get out of the current crisis to work on not aggravating it,” stressing that “the personality of the next prime minister, Muhammad Shiaa al-Sudani, will not be withdrawn, but there will be It is agreed upon by all political forces.” Ended 25/J