The joint statement of the Iraqi-American discussions that took place in the White House

The joint statement of the Iraqi-American discussions that took place in the White House


The joint statement of the Iraqi-American discussions that took place in the White HouseYesterday, Monday, the President of the United States of America, Joseph Biden, welcomed the Prime Minister of the Republic of Iraq, Muhammad Shia al-Sudani, to the White House. The two presidents reaffirmed their commitment to the permanent strategic partnership between Iraq and the United States, and discussed their vision for comprehensive bilateral cooperation under the 2008 Iraq-United States Strategic Framework Agreement. The two presidents agreed on the importance of working together to enhance regional stability and respect Iraq’s sovereignty, stability and security.

The Sudanese Prime Minister and President Biden stressed that the diverse and growing Iraqi economy, integrated with the region and the global economic system, is the basis for permanent stability in the region and prosperity for the people of Iraq, and the two presidents exchanged views on ways of cooperation in the political, economic, and security fields between Iraq and the United States to enhance goals. Joint efforts, including support for a strong and stable Iraqi state that works to promote peace and progress throughout the greater Middle East.

– Energy and environment

President Biden praised the progress made by Iraq in achieving self-sufficiency in the field of energy, and the two presidents discussed future opportunities to achieve bilateral cooperation in this regard to achieve self-sufficiency by 2030 with the help of American companies. President Biden stressed the continued support of the United States for Iraq’s efforts to modernize its energy sector, Reducing methane emissions, improving public health, providing more reliable electricity to the Iraqi people, and completing the connection of electrical power networks with neighboring countries, especially with Jordan and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

The two presidents discussed future plans to develop Iraq’s resources and ensure that all Iraqis benefit from their country’s natural wealth, in accordance with the Iraqi constitution.

Prime Minister Muhammad Shia al-Sudani and President Biden stressed the importance of ensuring Iraqi oil’s access to international markets, and expressed their desire to reopen the pipeline between Iraq and Turkey.

– Regional integration and political cooperation

President Biden also affirmed the United States’ support for Iraq in strengthening relations with the international community and the countries of the region. To ensure security, stability and promote prosperity for its people, he also pledged to continue supporting the United States to achieve greater economic integration of Iraq with the Middle East region.

The Sudanese Prime Minister and President Biden discussed their shared view that the Iraqi Kurdistan Region is an integral part of the comprehensive prosperity and stability in Iraq.

In this context, President Biden praised the efforts of the Prime Minister and the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq to reach a solution to all outstanding legacy issues, including the current arrangements to pay two months’ salaries to employees of the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq, and encouraged continued progress, and the President affirmed the United States’ support for consolidating democracy in Iraq. , including holding free, fair and transparent elections in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

-Economy and money

The Sudanese Prime Minister and President Biden discussed Iraq’s advanced efforts to reform the financial and banking sectors, which help link Iraq to the international economy and increase trade while protecting the Iraqi people from the harmful effects of corruption and money laundering, and what was achieved during the years 2023 and 2024, with banks in Iraq expanding (correspondent relationships). ) with international financial institutions to enable trade financing, as the majority of trade financing operations are now carried out through these channels, and the two presidents stressed the importance of these and other measures in improving the investment climate in Iraq to attract foreign capital and promote economic growth.

Iraq and the United States are committed to strengthening their cooperation; To achieve greater transparency and cooperation against money laundering, terrorist financing, fraud, corruption and sanctioned activities, which could undermine the integrity of the financial systems in both countries, they also commit to supporting the Central Bank of Iraq in ending the electronic auction platform for international money transfers by the end of 2024, through Direct dealing between banks licensed in Iraq and approved international correspondent banks; To achieve this transformation that will connect Iraqis and Iraqi companies to the international economic system.

– Permanent bilateral security cooperation

The Sudanese Prime Minister and President Biden also discussed the natural development of the international coalition against terrorism in light of the significant progress that has been achieved over ten years. The two presidents expressed their commitment to the ongoing work of the Supreme Military Committee and its results, and the three working groups that will assess the continuing threat from terrorism, and the requirements Operational and environmental, and strengthening the capabilities of the Iraqi security forces, and the two presidents confirmed that they will review these factors to determine when and how the international coalition’s mission in Iraq will end, and move in an orderly manner to permanent bilateral security partnerships, in accordance with the Iraqi constitution and the strategic framework agreement between Iraq and the United States.

The two presidents confirmed their intention to hold a joint security cooperation dialogue meeting later this year. To discuss the future of the bilateral security partnership.

– Strategic and permanent partnership

The Sudanese Prime Minister and President Biden renewed their commitment to the bilateral partnership for the benefit of the two countries, and decided to expand cooperation in all areas discussed in this meeting and in the meetings of the Supreme Coordination Committee, which they chaired with the participation of the Iraqi Minister of Planning and the US Secretary of State. The two presidents confirmed their intention to continue their consultations on a common vision for a partnership. Comprehensive and fruitful to achieve common goals.