The “Iraqi Resistance Coordination” gives the Sudanese government a “last chance” and threatens America with an “appropriate response”

The “Iraqi Resistance Coordination” gives the Sudanese government a “last chance” and threatens America with an “appropriate response”

2023-06-24 07:46

The Iraqi Resistance Coordination gives the Sudanese government a last chance and threatens America with an appropriate responseShafaq News/ The so-called “Coordinating Committee for the Iraqi Resistance” announced, on Saturday, that it had given the government of Prime Minister Muhammad Shia’a al-Sudani a “last chance” to limit US violations, and Washington vowed an “appropriate response” if its threat to target one of the “faction leaders” was implemented. “.

In a statement received by Shafaq News agency, the authority said, “In light of the recent political, security and economic developments that have ravaged the country, the Coordinating Body confirms that its role was and still is in giving priority to the interests of our beloved people and enabling them to serve them, and being aware of the seriousness of that stage and the need to overcome it, it was among the Its measures (stopping military operations against the US military presence) inside Iraq.

And she added, “This must not be understood from him as acceptance of the continuation of this illegal and illegal presence that violates the Iraqi constitution, and that we are not unaware of the Americans’ intransigence with their tyranny and blatant interference in the country’s affairs and the violation of its sovereignty.”

The Commission affirmed that “the continued presence of military bases, combat forces and military aviation, including the espionage route, in addition to the destructive role played by the American embassy of evil in spreading vice and moral deviation and the continuous targeting and centering of the Iraqi cultural identity with its authentic values, principles and traditions, and malicious efforts to control the rights of Iraqis and deprive them of their rights.” Basic services, foremost of which is the provision of electric power to our people, in addition to the brazen American threat to target one of the leaders of the resistance, makes it imperative for us to carry out our legitimate and national duty with an appropriate response, if these violations continue.

And she concluded by saying, “The Coordinating Committee for the Iraqi Resistance, and based on the efforts that the Iraqi government intends to make, is giving one last chance to reduce these violations, and let everyone know that our patience has limits, and every action has a reaction, and those who warned have been excused.”