The “information” reveals “important” details related to oil and gas. The draft law is being presented, and this is its content

The “information” reveals “important” details related to oil and gas. The draft law is being presented, and this is its content


The information reveals important details related to oil and gas. The draft law is being presented and this is its contentInformation / special.
Today, Wednesday, the Parliamentary Oil, Gas and Wealth Committee revealed the outcomes of a government meeting regarding the oil and gas law in the capital, Baghdad, and while confirming the submission of a draft law, it clarified its content.

A member of the committee, Intisar Al-Jazaery, said in an interview with Al-Information Agency, that “a meeting was held today in Baghdad regarding the oil and gas law, which included all concerned parties from the executive authority in addition to the governor of Basra, as it is the first province to produce oil.”

She added, “The meeting witnessed the issuance of a draft oil and gas law, which was submitted by all parties, including the Kurdistan region,” indicating that “the draft contained a lot of materials for licensing rounds for oil-producing and non-oil-producing provinces, how to distribute them fairly, and how to develop them and call for investment.” Oil and petroleum will be developed in the coming years.

A member of the Parliamentary Oil Committee explained, “This draft was written in order to discuss the materials contained within it and to know the developments that may occur on them, and then after that it will be discussed within the Oil and Gas Committee, as the committee responsible and concerned with this file.”

And on the fields of the Kurdistan region, Al-Jazaery indicated that “the oil and gas law will be approved to eliminate all these problems, and for the management of this file to be unified by the federal government.”

She pointed out that “the region produces oil, but in return it receives the salaries of its employees from the center, which prompts the federal government to control all wealth, including the Kurdistan region, as it belongs to all the people.”

And she continued her speech, saying: “This law regulates all oil extraction and export operations through SOMO,” noting that “this draft contains many important articles, and in the coming days it will reach the House of Representatives.”

The oil and gas law is one of the issues that raised controversy between Erbil and Baghdad for many years, but it was agreed to approve this draft law between the two parties within the framework of a political agreement that led to the formation of the current government.