The government is still stalling in the legislation of the oil and gas law

A member of the parliamentary oil: the government is still stalling in the legislation of the oil and gas law

Thursday, 09 May / May 2013 09:18

The government is still stalling in the legislation of the oil and gas law{Baghdad: Euphrates News} accused member of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary, Awad al-Awadi, the government of “procrastination and laugh at deception” regarding the enactment of the oil and gas industry.

He said al-Awadi told {Euphrates Hughes} that ” there are four copies of the oil and gas law, and now back the government these delays and laugh on chins to submit a new version “noting that” this leads to a lack of access to the fact that companies operating in the Iraqi government, how it works and Kiev managed, and how be the first licensing round, and second, there is no law facilitates the entry of the most efficient companies. ”

He added that “there are agreements eliminate non-enactment of this Act, and these agreements are built on the basis of the interest of the government and the Kurdistan region, because of the negotiating team of the province in line with the Iraqi government to issue a new version of the law of oil and gas”

He stressed that “there are four copies have been agreed by the Government and the region, as it has been to agree on a 2007 with no is legislation, which gave a pretext enactment of a law of oil and gas in Kurdistan through which entered all companies operating in the region, and then was amended this law The project by the government and give the 2009 version, which also have been modified according to the 2011 version as the members of the House of Representatives submitted proposals. ”

Point-Awadi said that “the Committee of Five problem between the Minister of Natural Resources, the oil minister, and a representative government Bahaa net debt, said it will decide the issue during the two weeks in order that there should be consensus on points of contention, but we see now is the passage of more than eight months and the Committee did not meet and vice versa differences and increased us a statement which appeared to give a new version of this law. ”

The federal government has agreed with the Kurdistan Regional Government, in early September last year, the continuation of the region to export oil and raise the proportion of production to 200 thousand barrels per day, to pay the first costs of companies operating in the region, is that the region halted oil exports in protest for non-payment of counter payments owed by the companies , the province had resumed oil exports on the seventh of August last year under the agreement between the two governments . ended