The Finance Ministry reduces the borrowing ratio to 31 trillion, from 41

The Finance Ministry reduces the borrowing ratio to 31 trillion, from 41

7/11/2020 15:14

The Finance Ministry reduces the borrowing ratio to 31 trillion from 41[Baghdad-Where]
The Parliamentary Finance Committee announced, on Saturday, that the Ministry of Finance reduced the borrowing rate to 21 trillion Iraqi dinars, after it was 41 trillion.
Committee member Ahmed Mazhar Al-Jubouri said, “His committee has conducted several consultations with the Ministry of Finance to discuss the financing of the fiscal deficit (borrowing) law, pointing out that” the ministry reduced the borrowing ratio to 21 trillion after it was 41, and this is a clear indication that the amount of 41 was exaggerated. .

“the committee emphasizes the reduction ratio and scaled , ” likely not to vote on the law during the two sessions Monday or Tuesday. ”

Al-Jubouri expected “passing the law during next Thursday’s session,” pointing out that “the government needs 6 to 7 trillion dinars to cover salaries.”

For its part, the Parliamentary Finance Committee indicated that “it has documented information and data that the amount of the borrowing is exaggerated compared to the disbursement of the previous months, as well as by hosting officials in the Ministry of Finance and knowing the data before it.”

She added that she is “keen to pass the borrowing law in a manner that guarantees the disbursement of salaries of employees and retirees, the social protection network and other expenditures, and the implementation of financial and economic reforms by the government.

The leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, warned today, Saturday, against internal and external financial borrowing to fill the deficit in the general budget, and for the sake of He paid the salaries that the federal government had failed to pay on time during the past months, as well as presented a number of points that he considered alternatives to avoid borrowing.