The FBI investigates the activities of the Clinton Foundation

The FBI investigates the activities of the Clinton Foundation

06-01-2018 10:28 AM

The FBI investigates the activities of the Clinton FoundationBaghdad News –

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has launched an investigation into the activities of former President Bill Clinton under pressure from President Donald Trump and allegations of corruption by Republican lawmakers.

The New York Times online news website The Hill reports that Justice Department investigators are examining matters related to donations the Clinton Foundation received for political services, while the wife of the former president was secretary of state between 2009 and 2013.

The Justice Department has not confirmed investigations into the case, but has told the House Judiciary Committee that Justice Minister Jeff Sessions assesses the need for an investigation into a controversial uranium deal that included a large donation to the Clinton Foundation.

For its part, the Clinton Foundation said it has already proved that these allegations are wrong.

“Again and again, the Clinton Foundation is being subjected to politically motivated allegations,” the organization’s spokesman Craig Menasian said in a statement. Time and time again, these allegations proved false. (But) none of this made us hesitate in our mission to help people. ”

Hillary Clinton’s spokesman Nick Merrill told The Hill that the investigation was “shameful” and that Sessions was “carrying out Trump’s orders” to go ahead with the case.

The New York Times said in an article published in 2015 that the US State Department, which was led by Hillary Clinton at the time gave other ministries along with the consent of the Russian company “Rosatom” the purchase of the company, “Uranium One,” Canada, which had some of the shareholders of Key donors to the Clinton Foundation. But the Clinton community then denounced baseless accusations.

Trump, through Twitter and his official speeches, has repeatedly called on the Justice Department to reopen investigations into the e-mail case of Hillary Clinton, who lost in the US presidential election.