The central bank continues to project delete the zeros is not entitled to the Council of Ministers suspended

08:15:15 / 05/2012
Khandan – confirmed that the Finance Committee in the Iraqi parliament, said the Central Bank of Iraq continues his project to delete the zeros of the Iraqi dinar currency with the introduction of the two languages ​​by Kurdish and Arab, pointing out that he is not entitled to the Federal Cabinet interfering with the bank and stop this project.
A member of the Committee Deputy for the Iraqi List Jaber Al Jabri told the site “Khandan”: that the Central Bank of the rest of his work to delete the zeros of the Iraqi dinar currency and the introduction of bilingual Kurdish and Arabic in which he said, adding not issued any statement from the bank to wait on this project, indicating the following: the General Secretariat the Federal Council of Ministers issued a statement about the project includes the patient in the deletion of zeros, even though the project from the jurisdiction of the bank.

Al Jabri said: What is the currency and traded in financial markets from the jurisdiction of the central bank because it has independent political cooperation with the Federal Government, and if there lingered delete the zeros statement issued by the Central Bank and not from the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers.