The absence of the alternative delays the withdrawal of confidence from Abdul Mahdi

The absence of the alternative delays the withdrawal of confidence from Abdul Mahdi

SEPTEMBER 10, 2019

The absence of the alternative delays the withdrawal of confidence from Abdul MahdiBaghdad – Adel deputies – the new Arab
After the committee in charge of monitoring the implementation of the government program in August announced figures that were considered shocking regarding the completion rates of Adel Abdul Mahdi’s government program, various Iraqi political forces and blocs began to talk about what they describe as the missing alternative to the current prime minister. If confidence is withdrawn. This talk, which has escalated over the past few days, in the cracks of the “conquest” and “differences” within the “Popular Mobilization”, and the expansion of the leader of the “wisdom” Ammar al-Hakim moves to include other deputies in parliament for his opposition front, coupled with a question about the possible alternative to Abdul Mahdi . It also leads to recalling the crisis of the largest bloc, which lasted for months, and the American-Iranian competition in Baghdad to win each side a government close to him, through US envoy Brett McGurk, and his Iranian counterpart in Iraq, Qasem Soleimani, before ending on the initiative of the religious authority in Najaf, which put forward the settlement government To defuse a major crisis in the country.
Officials in Baghdad and members of parliament talked about what they called a hot month in September, preparing various political blocs to open the file of Abdul-Mahdi’s government program and achieved, especially in terms of services and poverty rates and rising unemployment in the country.

most important delay in raising the issue of no confidence in Abdul Mahdi is the lack of a substitute

In the context, said a senior deputy in the Iraqi parliament, who asked not to be named, to the” new Arab “, the most prominent delay delaying the issue of the withdrawal of confidence from Abdul Mahdi,” lack of alternative, and perhaps the latter is aware of this and reassured that he will complete his four years. ” He pointed out that “may be pushed by current pressures, internal and external, until he initiates the resignation.” He considered the same MP that “the survival of Abdul Mahdi chaos, and his resignation without alternative chaos is greater, despite the existence of major blunders on his work, not only at the level of the government program, but also because of weakness in many files related to the crowd, and financial concessions to the Kurdistan region and the oil file He stuck with Erbil, as well as the file of positions, and brought the former leaders of the Supreme Council closer and give them important positions in his office and the government as a whole. ” “The external factor, namely Iran and the United States, is an obstacle to the parliament being able to relieve Abdul Mahdi from his mission. The step requires a green light from Iran and the United States as well, and for Americans now Abdul Mahdi is no longer their favorite.”

The government program implementation committee in the Iraqi parliament announced earlier last month that the government has only completed 30 per cent of its program, while the latter confirms that it has so far completed more than 70 per cent of its program, which was granted the confidence of the Iraqi Council of Representatives.

For his part, a leader close to the leader of the Sadr movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, to the “new Arab”, the latter “even before the announcement of the completion rates in the ministerial program, not satisfied with the performance of Abdul Mahdi and members of his government, especially with regard to the service side and the distribution of positions and response To the pressure of the neighbor, ”he said, referring to Iran. He stressed that al-Sadr “sent many remarks and warnings in the past two months to Abdul-Mahdi, but the latter ignored them,” saying that all the prime minister is “patchwork, do not solve the crises that have gone through and the country is going through.”

The external factor, particularly Iran and the United States, is an obstacle to parliament being able to relieve Abdul Mahdi of his mission

The leader of the same that the current conviction today in political circles in Iraq is that Abdul – Mahdi is currently working on the re – strengthening of the Islamic Supreme Council, who belonged to earlier, and saw a decline and erosion since Ammar al – Hakim ‘s withdrawal from it, noting that” the work of the delivery of the leaders of the Council Important positions in the Iraqi state, within his own office and in the bodies, ministries and offices of inspectors, such as Abu Jihad al-Hashemi, the director of his office, who became the actual prime minister in Iraq and the most prominent leaders of the Supreme Islamic Council, Abdul Karim faction and also Abdul Hadi al-Hakim, who in turn brought his son, who graduated to Just from the pharmacy college and appointed him as a consultant in his office. ”

He revealed that “talking about an alternative to Abdul-Mahdi and asking this question, came out of the corridors of several blocks in joint meetings, most notably the alliance of Sairon, the coalition of victory, the stream of wisdom, and other Sunni Arab and civilian forces, and until the hour is continuous and continuous, and this is what delays the announcement or statement “Whenever a name is given, it appears that there is a reservation on it from an internal or external party,” he said.

Talking about an alternative to Abdul Mahdi came out of the corridors of several blocks

In contrast, the Supreme Islamic Council , which moved from the distance from any statements related to the government to defend them in the past two months box, confirms that Abdul Mahdi will complete his years four. The council’s leader, Ahmed al-Hassani, told Al-Arabi al-Jadeed that they are convinced that Adel Abdul Mahdi and his government will complete the four years without any withdrawal of confidence. This conviction is due to the great political support enjoyed by the current government. Especially its support by the construction coalition, which includes large Shiite and Sunni forces, and there is also strong support from the Kurdish forces.

Al-Hassani explained that “there are some achievements for Abdul-Mahdi and his cabinet, despite the limited time of the government, especially since four important ministries were completed after eight months, while the Ministry of Education so far without a minister,” pointing out that “there are achievements on The level of the international political file, as well as the economic and agricultural. ” Al-Hassani warned that seeking to topple the government of Abdul-Mahdi “means bringing Iraq into a dark tunnel, especially since finding an alternative is impossible, this requires the consent of political blocs and international parties, and must satisfy everyone about the alternative person, and therefore the dialogues in this regard will fail.”

Hassani: seeking to overthrow the government of Abdul – Mahdi means to enter Iraq , a dark tunnel

One of the most important impediments to withdrawing confidence from a failed government is the question of choosing an alternative that may take time, which enters the country in government paralysis,” Salah al-Arabawi, a leader of the al-Hikma movement, said earlier. Constructive confidence-building addresses this problem, but the alternative must be chosen before such a step can be taken, and this principle should be applied in Iraq.

For his part, the coalition “victory” led by former Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, the existence of a real movement to change Abdul Mahdi. “There are influential political forces that have begun to move to find an alternative to the current prime minister,” coalition leader Ali al-Sunaid told Al-Arabi al-Jadeed. He stressed that “this alternative needs an Iraqi political consensus, as well as a regional and international consensus, especially by Washington and Tehran,” pointing out that “what delays the withdrawal of confidence from Abdul Mahdi, is to find the appropriate alternative.” Al-Sunaid added that “Abadi is among the candidates for the post of prime minister of Iraq, after the withdrawal of confidence from Abdul-Mahdi, a favorite.”