Tehran warns U.S. to deploy F-22 fighter jets in the UAE

  05/01/2012 03:15 

United States has deployed fighter jets, “F-22″ in the United Arab Emirates on the background of increasing tension between Iran and its neighbors.

The spokeswoman said the name of the U.S. Air Force Major-Marie Donner Jones that “a number of these aircraft have been deployed in the region, without mentioning the name of the air base or Iran.”

Confirmed that “such operations of proliferation, enhance relations between the two armies and contribute to strengthening regional security, and improved joint air operations,” she went on.

For his part, he drew a Pentagon spokesman Captain John Kirby told reporters that this deployment is quite natural because it falls under the repositioning of U.S. forces in the region after the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq.

In the meantime, Tehran warned UAE officials from firing positions is well thought out, asserting that “these situations could lead to the deputies to take the Islamic Shura Council to reconsider a decision in relations with the UAE.”