Tayfur announce a tentative agreement between Baghdad and Erbil to export oil

Tayfur announce a tentative agreement between Baghdad and Erbil to export oil

Wednesday, April 23 / April 2014 09:11

Tayfur announce a tentative agreement between Baghdad and Erbil to export oil[Baghdad – where]

The leader of the Kurdistan Alliance and the Second Deputy Speaker Arif Tayfur, reached the Kurdistan region and the central government reached a tentative deal with the problem of the export of oil, noting that the joint committee will oversee the Toronto-Iraq oil exports.

And the transfer of the official website of the Kurdistan Democratic Party for Tayfur as saying that “Baghdad had agreed to form a committee to oversee the entire Iraqi oil, but no final agreement yet.”

“He reached the province and Baghdad to reach a preliminary agreement to the problem of oil between them, but there remained some important points are talks on them, explaining that the remaining points of the mechanism of supervision of the new Committee on Export.”

He went on to say “probably not reached a final agreement,” adding that “the agreement will not be final before the start of the election, which will resume the talks between the two sides after the election.”

In a related context, said Turkish Energy Minister Taner Yildiz that they “will issue approximately 2.5 million barrels of crude oil storage tanks located in the port of Ceyhan in Turkey even if it did not agree with the Kurdistan region of Baghdad.”

The quartet headed by First Deputy Speaker of Parliament Qusay al-Suhail, has visited Erbil in the past few days, but without reaching an agreement to resolve the problems related to the budget of the region and resolve the dispute with the government around the center.

Sources in Arbil, about a proposal by the Kurdistan Regional Government to the delegation of the Quartet, to form the federal government in Baghdad, a technical committee, of neutral experts assume the verification process of the potential of each province or territory oil producer, about the amount that could be exported, and not produced only , because the production is export, and that this proposal will be binding on the Kurdistan if the Committee approved, as required every oil-producing provinces in Iraq, in order to get rid of all of the assumptions and preconditions on the amount of what comes out of the oil, did not respond Baghdad after this proposal . ended.