Talk about the 3-year government.. Al-Sudani: We will open the prohibited corruption files and the poor do not wait for long plans

Talk about the 3-year government.. Al-Sudani: We will open the prohibited corruption files and the poor do not wait for long plans

2022-11-13 08:33

Talk about the 3-year government.. Al-Sudani - We will open the prohibited corruption files and the poor do not wait for long plansShafaq News/ On Saturday, Prime Minister Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani revealed that his ministerial curriculum included work programs with a time limit of three years, and while he stressed that he would open the “prohibited” corruption files, he indicated that the suffering of the poor class cannot wait for the implementation of long-term plans.

Al-Sudani said during his meeting with a number of political analysts, according to a statement received by Shafaq News Agency, “We have established in the budget law the establishment of the Iraqi Development Fund, which will be financed by deducting a percentage of oil revenues, and from it specialized funds for housing, education, health and others will be branched.”

And he said, “This fund represents a new idea in modifying the state’s administration systems, based on activating the private sector and developing capital, and it will eliminate corruption, and provide tens of thousands of job opportunities.”

He pointed out that “the challenges are clear to us, and in light of them we designed the ministerial curriculum. We have a time limit for each track of one, two or three years. The criterion is how to succeed and make a difference at the service and livelihood level.”

With regard to combating corruption, Al-Sudani stressed, “We will enter into the prohibited files in order to confront corruption, and we will first start reforming the institutions concerned with fighting corruption.”

Regarding poverty, the prime minister clarified, “No one can ignore poverty, and this class needs direct treatments, and it does not have to wait for reforms and long-term plans. These people must stop everything in order to address their conditions and alleviate their living suffering.”

He continued, “We have included all groups in the Social Security Law, and it encourages work in the private sector instead of waiting for government appointment, and it includes all groups and all private businesses, no matter how small.”

Al-Sudani considered that “people’s optimism is a great additional responsibility, and our curriculum is not ideal, but works according to the data, and work depends on political stability.”

And he added, “We will address the express services, because the root of the problem is the citizen’s loss of confidence in the service apparatus or the political system.”

He pointed out, “The engineering effort team is directing the implementation of service projects in neighborhoods in three regions in Baghdad, and the works carried out there are not patchy, but according to the required specifications, and the same projects will be implemented in other tired neighborhoods in the governorates.”

He added, “We have more than 1,450 projects that are lagging, and leaving them has cost Iraq huge amounts of money, and I have focused on these projects, some of which extend the life of some of them for more than ten years.”

Al-Sudani said that Iraq “has reached international rates of availability of teachers and teachers for schools, but the poor distribution hinders the service of the educational process.”

On the other hand, he pointed out that “what concerns us is the next stage, some say that it is the government of the last chance. In fact, there are challenges and there is the ability to succeed. Accurate diagnosis of problems exists and opportunities are within reach.”

He cautioned that “I must recall the heavy legacy, and know all its details and at all levels. Every day, I meet civil and security officials, whom I find seeking help from accumulated major problems.”

Al-Sudani said, “There are problems that the governors suffer from, they have not been heard before, and they work alone without a provincial council, and most of their problems are related to routine procedures with the ministries.”

Regarding the outstanding issues between Baghdad and Erbil, Al-Sudani stressed, “If we agreed that the constitution is always the cover, then the problems between Baghdad and Erbil all have a solution. I spoke about this matter directly to the officials in the Kurdistan Region.”

On the level of diplomatic relations, Al-Sudani said, “The continuation of attacks on the border areas depends on the unification of the unified national discourse inside Iraq in order to confront this situation, and that its lands not be a starting point for aggression against Iraq’s neighbors.”

He added, “An essential paragraph in our relations with brotherly and friendly countries is the recovery of the looted Iraqi funds. Iraq is a member of the International Convention against Corruption, and it has the right to demand it.”

Al-Sudani concluded by saying, “The killing of the American citizen Stephen Troll is an intentional crime, and behind it are those who seek to test the government, and we have leads that lead us to the perpetrators, and I am personally following the progress of the investigations.”