Talabani refuses to withdraw confidence from the government

26/05/2012 0:00

National meet today to confirm his commitment to the initiative of Maliki and President of the Republic .. And al-Sadr calls on the Prime Minister to visit  
Baghdad – morning 
emerged yesterday, three developments may lead to political crisis solution, With a senior political source revealed the “morning” the announcement of President Jalal Talabani during a meeting with Prime Minister Nuri al- Maliki yesterday, refusing to withdraw confidence from the government of national partnership, after the confirmation of the source refused to do so also by 180 deputies, confirmed that all the political blocs agreed on the initiative of the President of the Republic, with Muqtada al-Sadr called on the Prime Minister for his visit. and 
represent these developments, according to observers beginning of a solution to the crisis, and also means not to go to any options with the results of an unidentified country into a dark tunnel. 
has cut off all of President Jalal Talabani and Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the way before seeking to re-Mrbaha the political process first, Baalanama total rejection of the dictates of any other party and the imposition of solutions away from the table to sit at the dialogue and the adoption of the Constitution as a reference for the settlement of any crisis. 
said a presidential statement that the President discussed with Prime Minister on Political Affairs and the current ways of dealing with crises and problems that lie, as Talabani said during his meeting with Maliki yesterday that constructive dialogue is the only way the sponsor to reach a viable solution to the problems, calling at the same time to create an atmosphere for this dialogue to move away from the speech and convulsive mutual accusations and seek to find commonalities. 
For his part, praised the efforts of President Talabani of Ministers, especially the eight items in the presidential statement, which serve as a basis for dialogue avail himself of the constitutional principles and understandings and agreements existing between the parties. and the president had called for in a presidential statement to stop the mutual media campaigns, and the adoption of the Constitution as a reference and a commitment to the Convention on Arbil, and a commitment to the principle of partnership in the management of power, hard and stick to the principle of separation of powers with the complete implementation of the the obligations set forth in the Constitution and laws, approval of key legislation. and to meet Talabani and Maliki, a senior political source said that the two sides agreed on the need to resolve the political crisis based on dialogue and the President of the Constitution as a reference. The source, who asked not to be to be named the “morning”: that “Talabani and Maliki refused to impose any solutions or the dictates of any other party.” The source continued: “The al-Maliki told Talabani that he preferred to submit his resignation to submit a request to withdraw confidence from the government. “This comes in sync with the parliamentary blocs refused calls to withdraw confidence from the government, saying it will enter the country in a dark tunnel, since the beginning of a political source said the” morning “, said the groups that reject such approaches are: “Supreme Council of the Islamic Virtue Party and the Iraqi National Congress and Iraqi forces and Iraqi Free white and more than 20 deputies of the Iraqi List, in addition to deputies from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan led by Jalal Talabani, President of the Republic, as well as all members a coalition of state law. ” 
The rejectionists of no confidence, according to the source of nearly 180 deputies out of 325 members in the House, that any remaining in the event that all agreed to be the number 145 which is not able to withdraw confidence both in the government or of any official in the state. 
Article 61 of the Constitution states: “The Council of Representatives may withdraw confidence from a minister by absolute majority, and is resigning from the date of the no confidence resolution, or may be raising the issue of confidence in a Minister, but based on his desire, or request signed by fifty members after an interpellation addressed to him, as President of the Republic to apply to the House of Representatives to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister. “For his part, , the head of the Baghdad Provincial Council full-Zaidi told the “news center for the Iraqi Media Network,” The president has threatened to resign from his post as president of the Republic if the political blocs did not meet the terms of his initiative last eight. 
in turn, called the leader of Sadr Muqtada al-Sadr, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to visit, prior to finalizing the results of social Erbil and Najaf. Observers believe that these recent moves, it may culminate in a meeting of senior soon, especially with reference uphold the Constitution basis. 
the center of this picture, MP for the coalition of state law to Mohammed Chihod delegate “morning,” Alaa al-Tai, of a meeting held by the National Alliance today. Chihod said: “The National will announce today its commitment to Maliki, as prime minister and his support the total initiative of President of the Republic. “and” The National Alliance coherent despite attempts seeking to fragmentation, and most of its components to support al-Maliki. “In the meantime, an official source in the Iraqi List, declined to be named for ( Center news for the Iraqi Media Network), that the political situation of the solution follow a path through the adoption of the points made ​​in the statement of the President of the Republic and the national meeting was held after he started the position of the blocks that met their leaders in Erbil and Najaf to back down from their demands submitted to the National Alliance, including the nomination of a replacement for al-Maliki.