Surprise! .. The missing plane did not fall in the Indian Ocean

Surprise! .. The missing plane did not fall in the Indian Ocean

04/23/2014 18:09

Surprise-The missing plane did not fall in the Indian OceanTomorrow’s Press / follow-up: Dawn of investigators in the disappearance of the plane Malaysian new surprise and caliber, where they said it was “probably non-existent in the south of the Indian Ocean”, which means that searches of intensive weeks ago and have been used for submarines and unmanned aircraft and the latest types Technology gone down the drain, and that the search process may move to another area completely new and different.

She said the newspaper “Huffington Post” electronic British Hopes fade gradually to reach any result of research work taking place in the south of the Indian Ocean near the coast of Australia, where it was believed throughout the past few days that the plane there, and was picking up signals in the area are believed to be from the Fund Black aircraft.

Malaysian newspaper quoted sources in the investigation team as saying: “The search operations may have been in the wrong place, and that the plane might have crashed somewhere else different.”

He said members of the investigative team, based in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur-based work, they may have to start from scratch in the investigation and search, and that 45 days after the disappearance of the plane of Malaysia, which was in flight (MH370), a jumbo jet belonging to the Malaysian Airlines from model “Boeing 777″.

A possibility and founder
The Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak had announced last month that the plane crashed in the southern Indian Ocean, however, that these statements may mean a new blow all previous investigations, which concluded that the plane fell in that region.

According to sources in the investigation team, it “if you do not see any positive results for searches current through the next few days, it may be reconsidered in the investigation, which has so far, but at the same time, the research work in the south of the Indian Ocean will continue.”

The source added: “the possibility of landing the plane in any place other than the current search area remains possible, as long as we have not found even a single piece of wreckage.”

But the investigation team at the same time ruled out rumors that talk about that a State may have concealed the aircraft on its territory, where sources said: “the theory that a specific state may be hiding the plane at the time, involving more than 20 countries in search operations by , look silly and implausible, “the source continued:” It may be searched in the wrong place. ”

It is noteworthy that Malaysia Airlines plane was en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing when it lost contact with the ground fully dawn on the eighth of March / March, while he was on the flight 239 passengers, mostly Chinese, who were on their way back to their home countries.