Sudanese announces the possibility of linking the “Belt and Road” with “development” in one project

Sudanese announces the possibility of linking the “Belt and Road” with “development” in one project

2024-06-09 05:53

Sudanese announces the possibility of linking the Belt and Road with development in one projectShafaq News/ Iraqi Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani confirmed on Sunday that there is a possibility of linking the Belt and Road project with the Development Road project to be one project, pointing out that the Chinese company PetroGina has offered to cooperate in it.

Turkey, Iraq, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates recently launched a new trade route linking the Gulf to Europe as part of an effort to strengthen economic relations. This road is called the Development Road, and it is the newest economic corridor in the region after the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative and the economic corridor between India, the Middle East and Europe.

The project, which was completed during Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s visit to Baghdad on April 22, is expected to cost $20 billion, with most of the financial support coming from Doha and Abu Dhabi.

Al-Sudani said during his meeting with the Executive Director of the Chinese PetroGina Company in the Middle East, Dai Houliang, that “the Belt and Road project can be linked to the Development Road project to be one project, and this is what the company has offered to cooperate in, expressing Iraq’s readiness to become a partner with the company in petrochemical projects outside the country.” The government adopts environmental standards in implementing projects, as well as providing an investment environment for operating companies and developing and establishing training centers to develop workers and cooperate in the field of study fellowships.”

Al-Sudani stressed the keenness to develop relations with China in all fields, and that the presence of Chinese companies in various sectors, including the oil sector, reinforces this trend to develop relations between the two countries, referring to the associated gas project that he inaugurated yesterday in Maysan Governorate and which is being implemented by PetroGina, as a It is one of the strategic projects between the two countries, as it falls among the government’s priorities in stopping the waste represented by burning gas, expressing his thanks for the efforts of all those working in this project.

The Prime Minister explained Iraq’s interest in developing gas projects, as part of the government’s program to develop the manufacturing and fertilizer industries, which will give the economy added value and provide job opportunities, and that there are sites that will be offered to companies, especially PetroGina, confirming the presentation of the integrated energy implementation project, which It includes oil and associated gas production, processing plants, a power plant and a petrochemical refinery.