State forces: We have evidence of fraud in the elections

State forces: We have evidence of fraud in the elections

Thursday 14 October 2021 | 02:21 PM

State forces - We have evidence of fraud in the electionsThe candidate for the National State Forces Alliance in Anbar Province, Abdullah Atallah Al-Jaghifi, confirmed on Thursday that hundreds of candidates have evidence of fraud in the mechanism of counting the votes of the candidates .

Al-Jaghifi said, “The electoral process was marred by many electoral fraud and violations, represented by influential parties distributing money to voters, not to mention the commission’s postponement of the announcement of the results of the elections in Anbar and other provinces, which put the commission in an embarrassing position in a clear indication of electoral violations .”

He added, “Many of the candidates have evidence and proofs that show numbers higher than what was mentioned by the commission, which puts it in a dilemma, which made us submit appeals against the incorrectness of these numbers and their non-conformity with the numbers we own by the polling stations .”

Al-Jaghifi explained, “Influential parties spent a lot of money distributed during the course of the electoral process without respecting the blood of Tishreen, which provided a new electoral law and removed a fraudulent parliament that emerged from the May 2018 elections.”