Specialists: to prevent al-Maliki of the third term pending approval Talabani

Specialists: to prevent al-Maliki of the third term pending approval Talabani

On: Friday 2/15/2013 11:00 AM

Lawmakers voted Sunni and Kurdish parties and approval of the Shiite law aims to prevent Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to run for a third term.

But the legislation still requires the approval of the Iraqi president will face a challenge in the Federal Court after refusing supporters Maliki.
came parliamentary approval for the law that limits states the prime minister and speaker of parliament and head of state to two terms each for four years while trying to Shi’ite Prime Minister end protests of the year on his government has been going on for several weeks.
said members of parliament from the State of Law bloc to which he belongs Maliki that the law contrary to the Constitution.
said Hanan al of the State of Law bloc in the Iraqi parliament, “We believe that such a law and legislation at this time is targeting political bloc certain and particular component and a particular person thus adoption of such a law and in such a way gives us more of a pointer that the issue is not to legislate law and not in the interests of voters, but is supposed to go back to the Constitution … the Constitution is Faisal to such issues and therefore we will resort to appeal to the Federal Court for the not to pass this law because it would be a dangerous precedent for the adoption of laws that do not proceed from any constitutional grounds. ”

It is scheduled to hold legislative elections in Iraq in early 2014. He has been re-elected in 2010 in the inconclusive ballot led to the formation of a government fragile power-sharing where parties Shiite, Sunni and Kurdish.
said legal expert Hassan Shaaban that the law passed by the House violates the country’s constitution.
“It can not law … any law … to be issued to determine these issues except for the issue of the President of the Republic. meaning that it is necessary to conduct a constitutional amendment to this article explicit need the coverage of the Speaker and the Prime Minister. This means that the law passed by the House is unconstitutional and inconsistent with the Constitution. ”
He guessed Shaaban to refuse the Federal Supreme Court law.
said: “I think that the Federal Court restricted the text Constitutional and thus will stick to this constitutional provision says that the issue of the Prime Minister and the House of Representatives are not covered by the absence of this matter by the Constitution and that the need for the text in the Constitution first and then be to law. ”
and failed Kurdish parties and mass-backed Iraqi Sunnis and even some competitors within the Shiite coalition led by al-Maliki last year to hold a session of parliament to vote to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister, who accuse him sole authority.
faces power-sharing between the Shiite parties, Sunni and Kurdish dilemma since the departure of troops U.S. out of Iraq a year ago which struck important legislation on oil and investment paralysis in parliament.