Soon … banknotes worth 50 000 Iraqi dinars

Soon … banknotes worth 50 000 Iraqi dinars


Soon - banknotes worth 50 000 Iraqi dinarsBrother – Baghdad

Said Finance Committee member Abdul Qader Mohammed The issuance of new editions of the coin fifty thousand class will be designed in accordance with the distinctive techniques by specialists to prevent the possibility of forgery.

Mohammed said that “the new currency will be launched soon in accordance with regulations and modern techniques and under the supervision of specialized technicians and design N fraud,” pointing out that “the new currency will compete with other currencies in the internal handling of the Iraqi market.”

He explained that “the new currency strength will add liquidity and raise the cash value, as well as it will be an important factor to improve the national economy.”

Rasheed Bank and announced near practiced Activity auction of foreign currency in order to strengthen the Iraqi dinar against the dollar, as he emphasized the economic and investment commission parliamentary member of the Charter of Hamdi earlier, the bank printed new financial category worth fifty thousand dinars will be traded soon.