Smart ration card project will include all citizens

Smart ration card project will include all citizens


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Government announced the inclusion of all citizens to draft new smart ration card among them of their old card blocked for various reasons.

Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Rose Nuri Shaways: that the government has paid special attention to addressing the problems and challenges facing the process of distribution of vocabulary items, as the focus was on how to provide this service to the people smoothly and efficiently, but the process of work over the past years were stalled and faced Many families of trouble in order to get food to achieve food security. He explained that the committee system reform ration card and despite great achievement achieved by reducing the number covered by the system by blocking the card slides affordable high-income and reduce the number of ration card items that are limited to basic food items, but the difficulties are still accompanied by workshops to provide this Vocabulary from the import and distribution down to the ring between families, pointing out that the government is moving forward in the implementation of the poverty reduction strategy that everyone is proud accomplishment achieved overall activities in the framework of cooperation with the World Food Programme (WFP) to repair the ration card system.

He noted that the government is working to replace the current system of ration card, whose responsibility the Ministry of Commerce another based his idea to adopt the style of the smart card to allow the family to get food supplies through marketing outlets give citizens full flexibility in the timing of the receipt of materials and selection of markets appropriate to him, including ease the burden of the Ministry of Commerce a lot of administrative and regulatory burdens and marketing as well as get rid of the movement of agents that proved the past years reluctance of weak commitment to the responsibilities entrusted to them