Shabibi Parliament undertakes to raise the value of the dinar

Baghdad: As promised JD central bank governor and hosted during the day yesterday in the parliamentary Finance Committee raised the value of Iraqi dinar to better than it was before the start Ptzbzbh through the mechanics of solid and secure, the bank announced the auction on the sale of $ 190 million during the auction on Monday.
It was the opening of bids for the sale and purchase of dollar daily nineteenth and twenty-two thousand for buying and selling foreign currency at the Central Bank of Iraq day Monday, 7/5/2012, and the number of banks contribute to the auction 16, either the basic price, which landed him selling dinars / USD 1166, while the total amount sold by the Bank at the price advertised (000,153,190).

The amount purchased by the bank at the price advertised was zero, and the total purchase offers (USD) (000,153,190) and the bank confirmed that the price of the sale of remittances (1179) JD / dollar, including the central bank and a commission of $ (13) dinars per dollar.

The cash sales price (1179) JD / dollar, including the central bank and a commission of $ (13) dinars per dollar. While the quantity sold in cash of $ (12,210,000) dollars and quantity sold amount of remittances (000,943,177) dollars.

And the central bank earns a commission of (13) dinars per Dolarma discount (8) JD / dollar amounts for purchased ie, that: – the purchase price of the dollar cash = (sale price of the dollar cash – 8). And the Iraqi Central Bank continues to sell and buy the dollar and the price (1166) and receive the same commissions mentioned above.

For its part, showed a member of the parliamentary Finance Committee Najiba Najib’s (JD) Achtdavc that its central bank governor Sinan Shabibi to discuss several files concerning the work of the Bank, including money laundering mechanisms and the reasons for the low exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar, as well as deleting three zeros, and others.

And on the value of the dinar Najib stressed that Shabibi pledged to raise the value of the dinar, and again in a short period and across a very solid mechanics, attributed the reasons for minimize and, according to conservative interpretations of the external and internal factors.