Series: Clinton get a commission for Iraq’s declaration of investment zone

Series: Clinton get a commission for Iraq’s declaration of investment zone

Thursday 1 October 2015 | 07:26 evening

Series - Clinton get a commission for Iraqs declaration of investment zoneBAGHDAD / .. revealed a series of e-mails to the media launched by the US State Department after the case raised against it were computed and open electronic correspondence for public viewing, the existence of financial transactions obtained by Hillary Clinton in exchange for investment opportunities in Iraq.

Where proved correspondence between the candidate the current US presidential “Hillary Clinton” and companies and banks, such as “JP Morgan” and “ExxonMobil” that Hillary and while her tenure as US Secretary of State has made commitments to a number of companies to get the fruitful financial contracts from Iraq via submission facilities for them, where Clinton got named after its founder and the financial assistance from the Bank “JP Morgan” has reached 450 000 million US dollars and other dollar of “Exxon Mobil” versus Clinton and letters of support for the interests of the investment for these companies.

This comes at a time when network “International Business News” site that Clinton that reported has changed its rhetoric largely based on these interests, where it supports the war on Iraq at the outset on the base, “US National Security Protection” to change that through her letters in 2011 declared Iraq an investment site, where she said that “the United States should begin to think of Iraq as a great business opportunity.”

It recalls that correspondence convertibles have shown that Vice Clinton in the ministry, “Tom Naidz” work of the Conference collected 30 representative of the major investment companies and representatives from the US and Iraqi governments to discuss ways to exploit Iraq economically in the period in which took over the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Department was held.

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