Senate candidate describes Obama as “Animal” ..!

Senate candidate describes Obama as “Animal” ..!

May 18, 2016 18:53

Senate candidate describes Obama as - AnimalEpithet businessman and candidate for the Senate from Florida, Carlos Birov President Barack Obama to “animal” for causing damage to America systematically, as he put it.

“Fox News” reported that the Birov a Cuban origin, refused to apologize for what his behavior against the US president.

Channel Birov quoted as saying: “Unfortunately, the animal, which we call the President, destroyed systematically Ktabib surgeon, and way too smart of the country and its armed forces.”

Birov and run to replace rather than Senator Marco Rubio, whose term ends after 9 months.

For his part, competitor Birov rushed to the Senate, Patrick Murphy to charges of racism, asking him to apologize to the President.

However, Murphy agreed to the criticism of the presidential administration, said: “In recent years, Obama’s policy weakened the position (USA), a leader in the world, as well as its economy.”

Birov responded to the request for Murphy to apologize, saying: “There should be a boy Murphy, a member of Congress to deliver a lecture .. He did not do anything in this life is the implementation of existing obligations .. this place in Congress, he bought his father.”