Seminar in Karbala calling for the organization of the work of the banking sector in Iraq

Karbala / JD / .. set up the investment in Karbala, in cooperation with local government today, Monday, to organize a scientific symposium mechanisms used in the work of the banking sector in the city, with the participation of the Iraqi Central Bank and a number of local and foreign banks are active. The director of the Investment Authority of Karbala some professional Abdul Hussein in an exclusive interview to the reporter / agency JD / that “the Commission considers, after consultation with the local government held the symposium to highlight the main obstacles and problems facing the movement of investment in Iraq at the level of the banking sector.” The Abdul-Hussein, “participate in the seminar a representative of the Iraqi Central Bank and representatives from some local and foreign banks in addition to a number of businessmen and investors.” He said Abdul Hussein “has become a lot of investors are facing some problems in the financing and trading liquidity recently.” The “face of domestic and external financing of the projects enormous obstacles after political and economic developments taking place in neighboring countries in the region.” Abdul-Hussein said, “at the end of the seminar will be making recommendations to the Investment Authority to study and report as appropriate.” The director of the Investment Commission of Karbala, “said the report will be forwarded to the legislative bodies to decide on the proposals and visions.” The Central Bank of Iraq recently issued strict controls in the mechanisms of transfer and circulation of money and coins from inside and outside Iraq, causing, according to some businessmen in the obstruction of local economic activities. / End / m. P.