Security reveal the presence of “rapid intervention Regiment” US in a remote area west of Anbar

Parliamentary Security reveal the presence of “rapid intervention Regiment” US in a remote area west of Anbar

Date: 03/02/2015 19:20

Security reveal the presence of - rapid intervention Regiment - US in a remote area west of AnbarInformation / Baghdad / ..
revealed for security and defense committee in Parliament, on Monday, on the presence of “rapid intervention Regiment” US secret unit private remote area of western Anbar province, noting that “Daash” criminal groups receive aid and weapons from America and Israel.
The head of the Committee deputy governor Zamili in a speech at the House of Representatives and in the presence of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and pursued agency / information /, “The totals Daash criminal receive aid and weapons by the two states, America and Israel.”
He added Zamili “I and during my visit to hand al-Baghdadi western Anbar province and found Regiment quick intervention of US unit especially in a remote area west of Anbar province secret “, and wondered about the feasibility of their presence in a remote area.”
and confirmed the defense of parliamentary security committee, (Tuesday February 17 last) landing Israeli aircraft and US in some areas of Anbar and Baiji controlled organization “Daash” criminal, as called for Prime General Commander of the Armed Forces Haider Abadi Minister to hold an urgent meeting with the US commander supervisor coalition aircraft in order to stop providing support for “Daash.” A source in the Anbar Operations Command revealed (Mon, February 16 last) for throwing US warplanes balloons carrying aid to the elements Daash terrorist organization in Jeraichh village east of Ramadi
. The Hezbollah Brigades has revealed (Sunday February 8 last), for a US helicopter low overflights above the wells area that gather and controlled by elements Daash criminal east of Fallujah, as pointed out owning a video showing a helicopter to stop in mid-air and low altitude above the wells area and dumping ” something “civilian to two vehicles under the helicopter.
and landed a US helicopter Day (Friday 6 / February / 2015) in a golf Fallujah spend controlled by “Daash” criminal groups, and that the helicopter was launched and flew quickly after 9 minutes of landing.
Security Committee revealed in the House Diyala province (Tuesday 3 / February / 2015), for the two planes belonging to the International Alliance lowered the 30 component of the aggregates “Daash” criminal in Mr. Mubarak area of the Hamrin coming from northern Iraq.
It was the Diyala provincial council member Mohammed al-Saadi revealed (Thursday, 1/15 / 2015), for landing an international coalition aircraft in the basin areas Sensl controlled by elements of the groups “Daash” criminal, and besieged by the Iraqi security forces, stressing that the aircraft has transferred the group’s leaders from the region, fearing for their deaths.
It is noteworthy that a member of the provincial council Diyala Najat al-Tai, revealed (Tuesday, 01/13/2015), for the three American aircraft operation landing of the elements of the organization “Daash” criminal in the basin Sensl under the control of the organization, indicating that the aircraft provided them with weapons and food.
It is noteworthy that the Commission on Security and Defence parliamentary member Majid Ghraoui confirmed (Saturday, 01/03/2015) throwing weapons and military equipment to the US plane totals “Daash” criminal role in the district of south-east of Tikrit, adding that “Daash” creature of American Zionism, as revealed MP for the province of Nineveh, al-Obeidi, a beautiful Saturday for landing aircraft American in Qayyarah airport in Mosul loaded with sophisticated weapons, food and clothing for the groups “Daash” criminal.
I got Agency / information /, on the passage Fedoaa of the federal police to inform on (Friday, 12/26/2014) take a US aircraft weapons and ammunition by a giant balloon appears in East barn area in the vicinity of Balad South Salahuddin. Link Interior Ministry police and the leadership of the federal investigative committees on the background of the video broadcast, while the number of officials and members of the House of Representatives called on the Baghdad government to declare its official position of such acts, accusing the United States and the international alliance to provide criminals “Daash” arms and ammunition to prolong the battle. She stressed MP for the province of Nineveh Nahla Alhbabi, (Sunday, 14/12/2014) for three American planes landing in Tal Afar, north of Mosul airport carrying sophisticated weapons, food and clothing for the groups “Daash” criminal, arguing that the weapons arrived criminals “Daash” comparable to weapons owned by the Iraqi army and the Peshmerga, As referred to the establishment of criminals “Daash” to celebrate the five countries support them Balslah.anthy / 25 h