Security experts: Battle of Mosul began Salahuddin

Security experts: Battle of Mosul began Salahuddin

02/03/2015 11:35 GMT

Security experts - Battle of Mosul began SalahuddinSpecial – and babysit –
After he made the security forces and formations of the popular crowd, in the liberation of a number of areas of Salah al-Din, security experts battles Salahuddin confirms it is only the beginning of the Battle of Mosul and liberating Iraq from Daash.

And confirms the strategic expert confident Hashemi, the battle of Tikrit is a real battle to cleanse Iraq of Daash and today there became firmly convinced everyone they’re in front of an enemy that wants to hit the national unity and infrastructure and hits the cohesion of the nation whatever possessed them smashing effects and murder of identity Women and selling.

Hashemi said in his interview for “public opinion”, on Monday, “The Battle of Mosul began Tikrit, and as evidenced by the participation of the security forces and the crowd forces and the sons of the tribes in the fighting together in an unprecedented way, and if it had been cleared of Tikrit will move toward SHIRQAT and will be the base from which to Mosul. ”

For his part, a strategic expert Ahmad Sharifi, he can not be separated in operations between Salahuddin and Mosul theater “because the military analogy demonstrates that the battle in Salah al-Din will be open to the battle of a more general and more comprehensive and perhaps the battle will be resolved in Mosul.”

And between Sharifi in his statement for “public opinion”, “the theater of military operations now in Salahuddin demonstrates that what is happening will be an extension of what happens in Mosul and continue operations will continue after the Salah al-Din, because Daash in Mosul project and will grow in Mosul and are In terms of strategic stronghold dimension represents a battle for the fate of this organization and the collapse of the organization in Mosul mean collapse across the region. ”

And was popular crowd forces and security forces announced the launch of the process of “oh Prophet of God” at 5:45 am today, to edit parts of Salahuddin final elements of the group Daash Q, Q