Saudi Arabia reveals new details of Abdul Mahdi’s visit to the Kingdom

Saudi Arabia reveals new details of Abdul Mahdi’s visit to the Kingdom

2019/28/9 15:45

Saudi Arabia reveals new details of Abdul Mahdis visit to the Kingdom[Follow-Wayne] A
Saudi official, Saturday, details of the visit of Prime Minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi, the last to Saudi Arabia, noting that the recent search attacks on the company “Aramco” revealed.

“ The Saudi leadership discussed with the Iraqi prime minister securing the border to prevent any attacks on Saudi installations from Iraq, ” Salman al-Ansari, head of the Saudi-American Public Relations Committee, told Russian media today.

He added Ansari, ” The visit of Abdul – Mahdi to Saudi Arabia came at an important time , ” stressing the need for joint coordination to stop the attacks, and tighten the control of the Iraqi side of the border with the kingdom , which stretches more than 800 kilometers. ”

He explained that” in a meeting leadership with Abdul – Mahdi discussed The file of the recent attacks and securing the borders, in addition to developments in the regional situation after the Aramco facilities in Abqaiq and Khurais were targeted, “pointing out that” Riyadh takes into account a lot of considerations that the Iraqi side is certainly aware of.

” His country’s keenness on the security and stability of the Kingdom; Mieh role for the stability of global energy markets. ”

He concluded by saying : ” We hope to come visit Abdul – Mahdi to Saudi Arabia to fruition soon, and aware of all the parties inside Iraq that any prejudice to the energy or the security of the kingdom ‘s security would have a very high price on those who attack or Moving it. ”